Au Petit Riche, timeless French bourgeoise cuisine

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 29 July 2022 at 22h40
Since it opened in 1854, Au Petit Riche has been indulging Paris to timeless French bourgeoise cuisine.

About 170 years of existence, and not even a single wrinkle or dust on tables. Since it first opened all the way back to 1854Au Petit Riche has been delighting the high society of the city to traditional French cuisine made by the book.

The fashionable and affluent elite of Paris has been rushing to the place’s bench seats since then, as it was becoming a Parisian institution, from the greatest artists, playwrights to writers – led by Colette and Jean Marais – to the highest political spheres, the restaurant welcomed former French Presidents René Coty, Gaston Doumergue and Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

Au Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit Riche

The walls of the staircase even pay tribute to this rich past of encounters and glamor, with lots of signed photographs and notes written by celebrities as evidence of a nice feast.

From the Second Empire to the 30-year post-war Boom, and the Roaring Twenties and the Belle Epoque, Au Petit Riche lived them all without changing a thing and especially serving bourgeoise and sophisticated French cuisine both genuine and hearty when it comes to dishes or the thorough attending.

Au Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit Riche

Covering a long surface, the restaurant unveils different spaces, wide and bright rooms, small lounges for more intimacy, lounges to rent on the upper floor from 6 to 45 people, all this in a Belle Epoque-inspired décor – red bench seats and crystal chandeliers here and there – that does not seem to have changed a bit since it was renovated in 1880 after the Opéra Comique next door caught fire.

And yet, Au Petit Riche did recently change with the opening of a wine bar, paying tribute to the spirit of the place but with a modern twist and perfectly blending in the location with clear ceramic bistro table and high tables to mark the different between old and new.

Au Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit Riche

The opening of the place devoted to tasty wine tasing was obvious and even necessary in regards to the wine list of the restaurant is packed with great references. With over 300 wines, Au Petit Riche unveils one of the greatest cellars in Paris, mostly focusing on wines from Val de Loire, thoroughly selected by sommelier Jean-Paul Bruatto.

Here, modernity is a must with organic, natural and biodynamic wines rubbing shoulders with more classic bottles to sip along thoroughly thought wine pairings.

Au Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit Riche

On the menu, chef Pablo Veiga promotes French and Loire bourgeoise cuisine, but fuss-free and contemporary, seasonal and well sourced, always comforting and flavorsome. Hearty, the institution’s cuisine is very affordable with lunch menus for €26 (starter/main or main/dessert) and €31 (starter/main/dessert). The traditional weekly board provides a specialty, old-fashioned way: yellow pollock on Tuesday, whiting on Friday, lamb’s shoulder on Saturday.

Au Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit Riche

On the table, on the lovely shady terrace enjoying twenty seats, parade a slice of pâté en croute (€19), exquisite poultry and hearty in foie gras and pistachio, the gravlax trout (€14) plated over celeriac in remoulade dressing, spike quenelle (€21) as the Lyon tradition demands, and exquisite Nantua dressing we did not leave a drop of behind, and the delicious aioli (€16) with varied steamed seasonal vegetables and cod fillet.

As for dessert, let us stick to tradition with some baba (€9) to cover in rum straight from the bottle brought to the table.

Au Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit RicheAu Petit Riche

Note Au Petit Riche restaurant stays open in August, but closes on weekends.

Enjoy a little piece of the History of Paris.

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    75009 Paris 9

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