The Louvre limits visitors holding a ticket bought online

Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 13 August 2019 at 17h15
Bad surprise for Louvre visitors! The museum has to limit the access to the permanent collections and exhibitions for some hours to the visitors only holding a ticket bought online due to the dramatical increase of its frequentation. Some of the reasons cited being the moving of Mona Lisa to restore the room, changing the whole original visit and leading to congestion.

Art fans and tourists planning to visit the Louvre soon, keep reading… The museum has to limit its access to visitors holding a ticket bought online only at some hours. How come? Its frequentation dramatically rocketed in a few months. Bad news for tourists who haven’t planned their visit, even if the access is not – theoretically – forbidden although some have been driven back to the entrance because of high levels of attendance when they came.

The reason explaining why the access is limited at some hours? The moving of the Mona Lisa into another wing until mid-October 2019, to restore the room where she’s originally set, changing the itinerary and creating congestion. A situation that is no surprise since 70 to 80% of visitors come to see the mysterious look of Lisa Gherardini who was Leonardo Da Vinci’s model. And this moving also triggers curiosity since many people have decided to come and visit the museum.

Another reason cited, the high temperatures in June and July, making visitors find shelter to… museums. Note that since April, Notre-Dame de Paris visitors rather went to the Louvre but since then, the transfer lowered and it’s usual that the summer’s visits increase. And this is why the Louvre now recommends you book to access the collection in the 30 minutes prior to the selected time slot. A way to guarantee your visit and prepare to a booking system that will become mandatory by the late 2019. You’ve been warned… Let’s book a ticket for the Louvre, shall we?

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