International Women’s Day 2018 in Paris

Unfortunately, March 8, 2018, remains entrenched as the International Women’s Day. This year, #Metoo, #Nomakeup and #Timesup movements blew a wind of revolution. In Paris, gatherings, flash-mobs, conferences and night events are the occasion to come back on the fights we’ve fought this year and the fights that are yet to come!

Women-men equality, we must say, we’re still far from it. Between this issue and women’s conditions in the world, the struggle isn’t to end now.

International Women’s Day is here to remind us of it (even though, we should rather call it International Anti-Misogyny Day)!

For this famous International Women’s Day, held on Thursday March 8, 2018, events are held everywhere in Paris. From activists’ demonstrations in the streets to restaurant without forgetting museums, theater and debates, we must say that International Women’s Day has become a grab bag for many other things.

On the menu for International Women’s Day 2018 in Paris:

  • Parce qu’elles méritent plus qu’une journée, the event at Grand Point Virgule (in French)
    This Thursday March 8, 2018, head to Grand Point Virgule for a feel-good show. For International Women’s Day, men take the floor in tribute to their wives, mothers, daughters, sisters… and not any men: Kallagan, Guillermo Guiz, Djimo, Noman Hosni and many more.

  • Screening of Persepolis followed by a debate about women in Muslim worlds at the Institut des Cultures d’Islam (in French)
    On March 8, 2081, for International Women’s Day, FAITH THE PROJECT charity takes over the Institut des Cultures d’Islam for a screening of the movie Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, followed by a debate about women in Muslim worlds. This free meeting will be the occasion to return on women’s conditions in the Middle-East.

  • Les Pépites de l’Humour at Point Virgule (in French)
    This Thursday March 8, 2018, women take over Point Virgule with a feel-good show… For International Women’s Day, the new generation of female humorists expect to make its place in the society!

  • Paris C’est Elles for International Women’s Day
    On the occasion for International Women’s Day, the AWARE association: Archives of Women Artists, Research & Exhibitions takes over the public area for a long weekend with one historical, cultural and social question: what are the works by women artists that marked the Parisian landscapes and where are they?

  • Toutes en Moto for International Women’s Day
    This Sunday March 11, 2018, Toutes en Moto, women, ride your motorbikes. For International Women’s Day, women biker parade everywhere across France, including Paris. Down with clichés, in Paris, we all join together to show our strength. The venue is yet to confirmed!

Is this day – aiming at being activist before anything else to change minds and move Women’s right forward – becoming something “commercial” and even “festive”?

The debate is launched, but, at Sortiraparis, even if we fight for Women’s right and sex equality, we don’t spit at the rose given by our boss or the show and exhibitions showing us how amazing, we, women, we are!

Stay tuned to discover other events.

We Can Do It!, original poster by J. Howard Miller

Elodie D.
Last updated on 7 March 2018

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