Kid-friendly cafés in Paris

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Feel like going out to have a drink in a place where children are not seen as persona non grata, a space where children would be welcome and where they can have fun while you relax on your own or with some friends? Here are the kid-friendly cafés in Paris that Sortir à Paris has discovered especially for you.

Children are bored and going out would feel very good. Okay but going to a classic teahouse or a café with children also means hell. To avoid problems and have a good time, let’s choose a café welcoming families. All you need to take a break and make your children happy.

Here are some options:

12th arrondissement:

Les 400 coups : restaurant famille, enfants à la CinémathèqueLes 400 coups : restaurant famille, enfants à la CinémathèqueLes 400 coups : restaurant famille, enfants à la CinémathèqueLes 400 coups : restaurant famille, enfants à la CinémathèqueLes 400 Coups
Being a parent can be hard sometimes ! It’s always complicated to go to a restaurant with young children and worry about them running around instead of eating quietly. As a consequence, the family getaway starts being stressful and is not a pleasure anymore. Luckily, some good souls named Séverine Haïat and Elisabeth Conter found a solution for you ! Children are always welcome at 400 coups.

15th arrondissement :

Guide des cafés pour enfant à ParisGuide des cafés pour enfant à ParisGuide des cafés pour enfant à ParisGuide des cafés pour enfant à ParisMonbini
Monbini is a store selling furniture, gifts and décor for children. But it’s also a café where parents can relax, meet with other parents while enjoying small and homemade treats. Excellent coffees and lovely selection of teas with flavorful organic juices expect you.

Guide des cafés pour enfant à ParisGuide des cafés pour enfant à ParisGuide des cafés pour enfant à ParisGuide des cafés pour enfant à ParisUne Mère Une Fille
Une Mère Une Fille is a concept reuniting in the same place: a teahouse, a toy store, designers’ accessories and workshops for every generation as well as an event corner (baby shower, baptism, birthday, private brunch and so on…).

19th arrondissement:

cafézoïdecafézoïdecafézoïdecafézoïdeLe Cafézoïde: first café for children!
Le Cafézoïde is an open and friendly space where children can play and create freely, and where you can have a drink, eat, practice music and art or be introduced to informatics and many other things. In other words, Le Cafézoïde is a nice and family-friendly place where you’ll have a good time with your kids.

Cafés where you can play or be entertained:

  • Oya Café – 75013 Paris
    In this kingdom of fun, over 500 boardgames from all over the world are available for you, your friends or your family. Starting from 3 years old and for only €5, you can seat and ask to have the rules of the game of your choice explained to you.

  • Les 3 arts – 75020 Paris
    A very nice café-restaurant managed by a lovely Breton couple, including in the cellar traditional and jazz music concerts. This café doesn’t provide a regular lineup for kids, but on every 4th Sunday of the month, game afternoons with the A QUOI TU JOUES associations are held. These afternoons will introduce your little angels to fun games. Laughter and relaxation are guaranteed for the whole family.

  • Le Petit Ney – 75018 Paris
    An associative literature café created and managed by locals. It’s open to everyone, members or not. A family food (dish of the day, savory tarts, tea, coffee, cakes…) is served for lunch and dinner along with cultural events. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., come and discover books with your children, from their birth to 3 years old. Jennifer, Florian and Philippe expect you with very delighting books.

  • Manga Café – 75013 Paris
    Manga Café is a place of relaxation where you can enjoy a large selection of mangas for free. If you have some Manga fans at home, you know where to go!

  • Café des Chats Bastille – 75011 Paris
    You and your children like cats? Head to Café des Chats for a moment of delight and pur-fection. Lunch, brunch, afternoon snack and dinners with organic and local food are provided.

  • Le Nid: boardgame bar in Paris – 75003 Paris
    That’s a new address likely to change your rainy afternoons… Called Le Nid, this place is nestled in Paris 3rd arrondissement and is the new boardgame bar in Paris!

Cafés in Paris surroundings:

  • Café la Fée – 93160 Noisy le Grand
    What is Café la Fée ? It’s a café set in Noisy le Grand where you can share privileged moments with every single generation. A place of exchange and mix of all know-hows and cultures. It’s an association with many entertainments where parents and grand-parents can bring their children or grand-children to have a lovely time together in a fitted place.

  • Garden Café: the new family-friendly restaurant – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
    Garden Café is the new restaurant providing a nice area for kids and animations in the weekend. The perfect spot to have a nice and quiet lunch with your family, a gourmet and lively Sunday as well as to grab a coffee or sip a drink for the aperitif.

If you want to know more about restaurants, read our kids-friendly restaurants in Paris and its surroundings guide.

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