Biondi, authentic Argentine cuisine by chef Fernando de Tomaso

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Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on January 30th, 2024 at 12:46 p.m.
Biondi invites you to discover the tasty Argentine dishes created by chef Fernando de Tomaso. A change of scenery at an affordable price!

At Chez Biondi, the sun shines on the 40-seat terrace and on the plates, to the delight of native Parisians, tourists and gourmets of all kinds. At the helm of this bistronomic restaurant is Argentinian chef Fernando de Tomaso, who slips all the culinary riches of his native country into his dishes.

Every lunchtime, Biondi offers anaffordable lunch menu: €20.50 starter/main course/dessert with a glass of wine! Fernande de Tomaso's authentic and particularly tasty cuisine is within everyone's reach.

Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019

In the sunshine, you can read the menu of the day and salivate. On the day we visited, the starters were smoked herring and steamed potatoes, or beef and celery anticucho. Anticucho is a South American specialty, marinated and grilled beef, a real delicacy.

We also take a look at Biondi 's menu and choose 2 starters to share with our guests: the unmissable empanadas de carne in their meat jus (15€) and octopus a la plancha with hummus and Kalamata olives (23€), grilled on the outside and still melting on the inside. A real treat.

Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019

We return to the lunch menu with theloin of pork and mashed potatoes, which we choose over the very tempting sea bream à la plancha, zucchini and spinach. We don't regret our choice: the pig is cooked to perfection, and we savor every last crumb.

On the à la carte menu, we also opt for the skirt steak (28€), a noble piece of meat, sliced with care and accompanied by a lovely plate of homemade mashed potatoes, whole shallots confit, amazing manioc chips and chimichurri sauce, of course.

Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019Biondi - 2019

To finish on a sweet note, enjoy the dulce de leche and coconut tart, the dessert of the day, and a dessert based around red fruit, lime and meringue. The verdict: for an exotic lunch at an affordable price in the sunshine, head to Biondi!

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