Aki Café: The Japanese tea salon in Paris

Aki Café is the brand-new café set in rue Sainte-Anne. This Japanese café-tea salon is the perfect place for a gourmet and original break in the center of Paris!

In the “Quirky tea salons” category, there’s a newcomer: Aki Café. Through delicious mixes of French and Japanese cuisines, this new address invites you to think outside the box. Aki, that we already know for its restaurant and its delicious bakery, did it again!

Aki restaurant is known thanks to its Okonomiyaki, a vegetable omelet coming from Osaka. As for Aki Boulanger, it conquers hearts with French-Japanese pastries, such as the matcha opera cake. Its tea salon is the perfect occasion to treat yourself to with a French pastry but with a Japanese twist.

Aki Café : un nouveau salon de thé japonais à Paris

The place is clear and big. As soon as you go inside, you eye at the small armchairs that look super comfortable. Then, you look on the shelves and you can hear your stomach rumble. It’s time to order!

Aki Café : un nouveau salon de thé japonais à Paris

The menu will fulfill whatever your heart desires. For a lunch break, Aki Café offers you to taste their sandwiches with homemade bread, that have nothing to see with the ham and cheese we eat on-the-go. The Katsu sandwich with breaded pork is delightful as well as the Ebi Fri Sando with fried shrimps. Bentos are also available.

Aki Café : un nouveau salon de thé japonais à Paris

For a sweet break, you can fall for a Matcha Latte. This drink that knows a huge success in New York is storming Paris. If you have a big sweet-tooth, how about the Matcha Azuki? It’s a Matcha Latte served with an adzuki ball and a bit of whipped cream sprinkled with matcha tea powder.

Aiming at making your mouths water, Aki Café offers you their edamame (soy sprout) or sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) daifukus, as well as the pastries that made the success of Aki Boulangerie, such as the Yuzu Roll.

So, when are we going back?

Practical information:
Aki Café
75 rue Sainte-Anne – 75002 Paris
Open from Monday to Saturday
From 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 41 95 27






Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 1 March 2017

Practical information


75 Rue Sainte-Anne
75002 Paris 2

Metro Quatre-Septembre (ligne 3)

Matcha Azuki: 6,9 €
Sandwich: 10,5 €

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