Valentine’s Day 2018 in Paris: Christophe Michalak’s lovely creations

For Valentine’s Day 2018, Christophe Michalak, this super crazy pastry chef, makes our heart melt and not because of his charming smile! His gourmet creations dedicated to live birds will make the of love flame burn even harder.

Small attentions need to special occasion. But we must say that Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to make our loved one feel very special. And if he or she has a sweet-tooth, you should go to Michalak. Plaza Athénée former pastry chef celebrates love birds every year with delicacies as charming as bold. A gourmet love metaphor with a big K.

Saint Valentin 2018, les créations d'amour de Christophe Michalak

Are they macaroons? Cookies? Brownies? No, they are Koonies, all that in one delicacy. A gooey, crispy and puffed texture we could eat as long as we have feelings for one another. Dressed in emojis singing love for this Valentine’s Day 2018, these treats Made by Michalak display several flavors that are terribly seductive. Imagine an almond and lemon cookie blending in a passion fruit-chocolate and rose water ganache… what a happy match!

Saint Valentin 2018, les créations d'amour de Christophe Michalak

Oh, but what do I see here? It’s back, Michalak’s Koeur! A beautiful fiery-red rose so pretty our heart aches just thinking about eating it. Well, if you can’t take the plunge, I can tell you there’s no place for regret. A milky chocolate mousse, boosted by a mango-passion-yuzu compote, the whole delicately topping a soft chocolate biscuit… Is it the taste of love?

Saint Valentin 2018, les créations d'amour de Christophe Michalak

And what would be Valentine’s Day without the famous heart-shaped chocolate box? But, isn’t it too classic for Christophe Michalak? For the memo, he’s the very one who presented a guitar-shaped signature yule log. Well, it’s unlike him to think just for one second that he couldn’t revisit the classics. These gourmet hearts are Black Forest nibbles. Chocolate bonbons hiding a Morello cherry-raspberry confit, a smooth 70% chocolate ganache, raspberry sprinklers as well as a second ganache subtlety flavored with cherry brandy. Hearts with a tenacious character you should eat without overthinking.

Practical information:
Valentine’s Day 2018 by Christophe Michalak
From February 1, 2018

Location: Michalak Saint-GermainMichalak Marais and Café Michalak
Koonies (8 pieces): €20
Koeur (pastry): €7.50
Black Forest chocolates (9 pieces): €22

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Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 4 January 2018

Practical information


60 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75010 Paris 10

Koeur: 7,50 €
Koonies: 20 €
Bouchées Forêt Noire: 22 €

Official website

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À partir du 1er février 2018

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