The best milkshakes in Paris

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 19 July 2020 at 12h52 · Updated on 19 July 2020 at 12h53
Is there anything better than an ultra-fresh milkshake to sip on a hot summer day? Not a lot, to say the least! Looking for a nice milkshake in Paris? Keep reading!

Gourmet friends, here’s the list of the different milkshakes you can find in Paris. To be enjoyed throughout summer 2018. From the most classic ones to the most extravagant, you’ll tell us some news about them!

  • Adam et Eve Café

Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018

To start this guide of the best milkshakes in Paris, let us surprise you with milkshakes that are not really milkshakes. At Adam et Eve Café, milkshakes are made with homemade almond milk, coconut milk, strawberry and banana for the “La Vie en Rose” version and with almond milk, coconut milk, cocoa powder, banana and ginger for the “Choco Choco” milkshake. An ultra-light version of traditional milkshakes, the perfect solution for vegans… and the others too! We loved it.

  • Choco Factory

Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018

After the vegan and light version of Adam et Eve Café, there’s nothing like a milkshake that is the total opposite. At Choco Factory, love of good food rules the place. On the menu, stupefyingfreakshakes” that seem to come straight form a comics: the Gloubi Boulga with Tagada strawberry candies, M&m’s and marshmallows; the Oréo Loco with entire Oreos, brownie chunks and pecans or the Summer Frutti, the one we actually tried with its wonderful slices of peach, kiwi, strawberry, its passion fruit sorbet and its strawberry ice cream (yes, all this in one freakshake). Note that the boldest of you can also create their very own freakshakes!

  • Melba Glacier 

Melba GlacierMelba GlacierMelba GlacierMelba Glacier

At Melba Glacier, we can get an assortment of two flavors among the 48 natural flavors available to create a foamy, fresh and light milkshakes. All in all, over 1000 associations possible, the dream for all milkshakes enthusiasts. Especially since at Melba Glacier, ice creams and sorbets are made by thoroughly selected craftsmen who only use natural ingredients, without chemical additive, coloring or preservative. We advise you the Calisson d’Aix, Matcha and especially the Black Sesame flavors, the best of the best. To be enjoyed on the sunny terrace!

  • Schwart'z Deli 

Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018

Everyone knows Schwart’z Deli for its pastrami sandwiches and delicious burgers. But did you know that Schwart’z also offers ultra-tasty milkshakes to be enjoyed on the spot or to take away for your stroll in the Marais neighborhood? All in all, 6 flavors: chocolate, Oreo, vanilla, strawberry, speculoos and Kinder Bueno and we took care of tasting them all (yes, the 6 of them!) and we really enjoyed ourselves. Schwart’z Deli milkshakes are homemade and without fuss: only taste and true taste. We enjoy them as the cookies we used to enjoy as kids. Add to this fresh fruits and ice creams by Une Glace à Paris… What a treat!

  • Jonjon's Cocobar 

Jonjon's Cocobar by Jonjon's Coconuts : le premier coco bar à ParisJonjon's Cocobar by Jonjon's Coconuts : le premier coco bar à ParisJonjon's Cocobar by Jonjon's Coconuts : le premier coco bar à ParisJonjon's Cocobar by Jonjon's Coconuts : le premier coco bar à Paris

On Jonjon’s Cocobar menu? The irresistible cocoshakes (smoothies based on coconut) made on order, with unique and healthy flavors to be enjoyed directly in a coconut. We love the “Coco Black Mamba” based on coconut water, coconut flesh, banana, lime, activated carbon and agave nectar. Incredibly refreshing and truly filling, we fell for the mix of flavors and the coconut flesh to scrub and end with a spoon! Or for sweet-toothed guests, you can go for the “Coco Choco” with cocoa beans, raw cocoa powder, banana and agave nectar.

  • Five Guys 

Milkshake Five GuysMilkshake Five GuysMilkshake Five GuysMilkshake Five Guys

At Five Guys, we obviously enjoy Cajun French fries and delicious customizable burgers (Barack Obama’s favorites!) but we also enjoy milkshakes. A large variety of milkshakes is available, and they too are entirely customizable. With a vanilla ice cream base, we add toppings including peanut butter, chocolate, salted caramel, cherry, banana, coffee, Oreo chunks… and for the boldest ones: bacon!

  • Steak'n'Shake

Steak'n House : le Burger prenium américainSteak'n House : le Burger prenium américainSteak'n House : le Burger prenium américainSteak'n House : le Burger prenium américain

Another premium burger brand offers milkshakes. It’s Steak’n’Shake! Prepared with artisanal ice cream, Steak’n’Shake milkshakes are available in different flavors: classic ones such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry and more surprising ones such as Tarte Tropézienne and pistachio macaron. Available in normal or large version, make sure you don’t overrate your love of food: Steak’n’Shake bets on quality but isn’t mean with quantities.

  • Breakfast in America 

Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018

There’s nothing like an American diner atmosphere to enjoy a tasty milkshake! At Breakfast in America, several milkshakes are available. Basic ones (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana) and more original ones. The very tasty Obama Milkshake for example, the star of the menu (peanut butter, chocolate sauce) or the Mocha (vanilla, expresso, chocolate sauce). Sweetness on hot summer days.

  • HD Diner  

Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018Milkshakes - 2018

Like its fellow Breakfast in America, HD Diner expects to show us what American milkshakes are like, the candied cherry on the top. Many flavors are available on the menu, among which the timeless vanilla, chocolate, strawberry as well as more surprising flavors: candies (Bubblegum, Reese’s, Speculoos, Nutella, Donut, Popcorn), cakes (Apple pie, Tiramisu), nice fruits (Blueberry, Coconut, Mango, Passion fruit). For example, we tried the avocado milkshake, quite special, a vegan version with soy milk. And don’t forget that HD Diner offers a weekly happy hour from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., for one milkshake bought, one milkshake for free.

  • Plaza Athénée Cabana Café

Cabana Café au Plaza Athénée

A beautiful terrace with Californian twists, a great service on one of the most beautiful avenues in Paris, let's head to Plaza Athénée and have a seat at Cabana Café to enjoy one of the delicious milkshakes available on the menu. On the menu, then, 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry and "The Black natural charkoal", a lovely program for an oh-so chic moment. We tried the strawberry one and if you like the tasty taste of strawberries, you've knocked on the right!

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