A new Café Pouchkine opens in Paris Place de la Madeleine

Foodies unite! Especially lovers of the delicious pastries offered by Café Pouchkine. The Maison Pouchkine opens a flagship in Paris Place de la Madeleine with a bar, tea parlor and restaurant covering 600 sqm!

Many Parisians enjoy meeting with one another in the Montorgueil store or Carrousel du Louvre store or the one next to Printemps department store to taste Café Pouchkine delicious pastries. Famous for its Médovic, its Pavlova Mont-Blanc or its “Pouchkinettes”, Café Pouchkine lately launched its savory menu to enjoy at lunch time or after work.

Le restaurant-salon de thé Pouchkine Madeleine

Café Pouchkine has a new challenge to take up: opening its Flagship, a project carried out by Maison Dellos. It’s within walking distance from many Parisian palaces such as Ritz Hotel and Crillon Hotel that Café Pouchkine decided to set up and open on November 30, 2017 its new temple dedicated to love of good food.

Le restaurant-salon de thé Pouchkine Madeleine

A two-story pastry shop, bar, tea parlor and restaurant at the same time, here’s what to expect on this 600sqm area. And the icing on the cake is that the place will also provide one in Place de la Madeleine with a unique view on La Madeleine neo-classical peristyle.

Discover it now:

The choice of this historical venue is not left to chance. As a matter of fact, it was meaningful to entrepreneur and esthete Andreï Dellos – who created several venues with a strong set of features in Moscow including the first Café Pouchkine inaugurated in 1999 for the bicentenary famous poet Alexander Pouchkine’s birth. The myth has changed to reality… In the first instance, Andreï Dellos’ genius had been to give life to the café imagined and dreamed by French singer Gilbert Bécaud (who came to sing in situ) in his romantic ballad “Nathalie” telling the story of beautiful Soviet tourist guide, Nathalie, and a French tourist visiting Moscow.

But it was also to invent the legend of a former drugstore belonging to a pharmacist-apothecary in the 18th century, Friedrich Karlovich, that became the true cabinet of curiosities that Café Pouchkine is!

This new Parisian Café Pouchkine keeps in the same line, cultivating decorative epic, intimate atmosphere, sincere and quality cuisine. Good riddance to clear, monochrome cafés with an open space that is not their image…

Le restaurant-salon de thé Pouchkine Madeleine

Each one of the four lounges (Bar Pouchkine and Salon Catherine II on the ground floor, Salon Pavlovsk on the first floor and finally Salon Madeleine on the second floor) has been decorated and accommodated according to the cultural eclecticism of the late 18th century and early 19th century. The best artisans from Moscow has been called out whether they’re painters, decorators, decorative artists or cabinetmakers… Antique (chandeliers, sculptures, art objects) have been especially unearthed by Andreï Dellos who, from the inspiration to the place patina, kept an eye on each and every detail.

The venue will be open from breakfast to dinner with a menu changing according to the time of the day. Coffee to take away, a drink on the terrace, a business lunch or a family lunch, the afternoon tear or the dinner with friends or your special love one are all yours.

Le restaurant-salon de thé Pouchkine Madeleine

Café Pouchkine plays the luxury card but an affordable luxury with a menu offering set menus and a large choice of snacks.

And to offer an absolute excellent menu, Andreï Dellos asked top chef Alain Ducasse’s teams. A menu with French and Russian accents, thought up in concert with Café Pouchkine and DUCASSE Conseil teams awaits you.

On the menu? Ceps and crawfishes tart, deviled herring millefeuille or sturgeon in Aquitaine caviar jelly are part of the festivities! Without forgetting simple but original snacks such as: salmon blinis club, eggs Benedict also served with Russian blinis. Finally, genuine Russian dishes that are as many invitations to travel: borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Pithiviers to reheat yourself with a broth or a fish stock… And many choices of caviars among the most affordable ones.

Of course, the sweet menu is not left out. Featuring about thirty desserts (without counting the ice creams) some are even prepared in front of us such as the French toast or the Crêpes Suzette Russian way. The menu is likely to give you a hard time to choose. This famous sweet menu will change according seasons and Café Pouchkine creation chef Nina Métayer’s inspiration. Speaking of her, she has been elected best pastry chef in 2016 by French magazine Le Chef and pastry chef in 2017 by French guide Gault et Millau.

Le restaurant-salon de thé Pouchkine Madeleine

This fall, we can enjoy:

  • A walnut caramel “Matriochka”: shortbread, crispy hazelnut biscuit, caramel heart and light mousse, crispy milk chocolate coating.
  • A coco rose mandarin “Matriochka”: shortbread, coco mousse, rose jelly, mandarin heart and white chocolate coating.
  • A red berries pavlova: Swiss meringue, raspberry confit and fresh blueberries topped a Genoa bread.
  • A chestnut pavlova: Swiss meringue under a chestnut whipped cream tutu with a creamy chestnut heart on a Genoa bread soaked with rum.
  • A César: the first of a great line of desserts designed to enhance a material with three chocolates.
  • A praline “Gaufrette”: hazelnut biscuit, praline Bavarian cream and crispy praline millefeuille.
  • A “Tarte soleil Tatin”: caramelized apples topped by an almond-hazelnut crumble and caramel cream.

For the record, the place will also enjoy a delicatessen selling homemade taramasalata, smoked salmons, salmon eggs, caviars, Pithiviers, pirojkis and many other typical products such as malossol pickles and vodka. As many dishes and treats for a themed aperitif, a diner for two or a picnic with friends…

Le restaurant-salon de thé Pouchkine Madeleine

In short, we must say that this pastry shop-tea parlor-restaurant concept is likely to seduce the most demanding taste buds and they can find themselves in the “admiral boat” to enjoy sweet and savory treats at any time throughout the day.

You shall remember as well that the coming opening of Café Pouchkine flagship marks the starting point of its international development.

Practical information:
Café Pouchkine flagship
Open from November 30, 2017
Address: 16 Place de La Madeleine – 75008 Paris
Open from Monday to Sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Last updated on 28 November 2017

Practical information


16 Place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris 8

Recommended age
For all

More information
Ouvert de 7h30 à 23h00
Ouverture le 2 décembre 2017

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