Uncino, the authentic Italian restaurant in Pigalle has reopened

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C., Clémentine V. · Published on 20 August 2020 at 14h38
The big family of Italian restaurants in Paris extended last year with the opening of Uncino, a gourmet spot serving food like on Elba and concocted with very carefully selected products.

With its tantalizing pistachio green façade adorned with two beautiful pizzaiolo’s moustaches, Uncino kindly stands on rue La Bruyère in Paris 9th arrondissement.


Opened a year ago, this Italian restaurant is crowded when one comes to lunch. At the same time, you can go without fearing anything: with its beautiful raw wooden tables, its super soft bench seat and its boss with a very Italian accent, we’re here in a bistro making you feel good.

Far from the traditional pasta carbonara of Bolognese spaghetti, recipes are original and authentic, and this is what we love at Uncino!


First, let’s start with one of the classics of the house, the Pappa al Pomodor (€14) a kind of thick bread soup with tomatoes, olive oil and basil, a wonder and with the starter of the day, a burratina with fennel cream, a round and successful mix!

Then, our main courses: pappardelle Setaro with lamb stew and orange cream (€27), beef’s cheek macaroni we delightfully eat.


As for drinks, we go for some Spritz and a glass of wine. Natural wines and short circuits are the chef’s motto who claims a certain return to the essentials.

Let’s finish with a Timut pepper panna cotta, dark chocolate and red wine reduction (€12), a generous tiramisu and a dessert coming straight from Elba, like the chef, the Schiaccia Briaca, which is a very tasty cake based on dry fruits and Aleatico wine (€12).


So, to discover authentic Italian flavors and recipes, you have nowhere to go by Uncino!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 22 June 2020



    31 Rue la Bruyère
    75009 Paris 9

    Desserts: €12
    Entrées: €16 - €19
    Formule midi : entrée/plat ou plat/dessert: €23
    Formule midi : entrée/primo ou primo/dessert: €26
    Primi: €27 - €35
    Plats: €27 - €39
    Formule midi : entrée/primo/dessert: €33
    Formule midi : entrée/plat/dessert: €37

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