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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 31 May 2019 at 19h13
To taste real and genuine Chinese cuisine, we take you to Le Bourgeon in Paris 9th arrondissement. Here, it’s the Yunnan gastronomy that is given pride of place and you can be sure to discover new flavors.

Forget all your prejudices about Chinese restaurants in Paris. Head to the 9th arrondissement and Le Bourgeon for a gustative journey to Yunnan, south-west China.

Here the Chinese chefs working the kitchen are stars in their country and amaze foodies by preparing – in front of them – noodles, broths and other dishes featured on the menu. Let your cravings guide you and maybe you’ll go for the chefs’ recommendations and discover the true Chinese gastronomy.

Le BourgeonLe BourgeonLe BourgeonLe Bourgeon

Nice vegetable roll with tofu, traditional Yunnan rice cake, fried foie gras lotus roots… Starters follow one another and don’t look the same – or what we usually find in Parisian Chinese restaurants!

Then, we have lamb ribs, they taste strong, spicy and perfectly crispy. We also have the rice and potatoes pot and sautéed beef with marinated Sichuan chilis

Le BourgeonLe BourgeonLe BourgeonLe Bourgeon

Then, we try an absolutely delicious dish we highly recommend: grilled fish with Kung Bao sauce. Served whole, the seabass is served with small vegetables and just perfectly seasoned with chili to warm up the taste buds and the heart.

We can’t leave Le Bourgeon without trying the chef’s beef noodles, a Yunnan specialty cooked in front of us with a thousand tasty ingredients (quail eggs, beans, mushrooms, scallions and secret sauces only known by the chefs).

Le BourgeonLe BourgeonLe BourgeonLe Bourgeon

For even more transparency, a label similar to Michelin will be launched very soon by the Chinese government in order to list genuine Chinese restaurants in Paris. And of course, Le Bourgeon will be part of it.

So, to taste unique flavors and traditional Chinese dishes, don’t think twice and run to Le Bourgeon!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 31 May 2019 to 31 December 2022



    17 Rue de Châteaudun
    75009 Paris 9

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