Anona, Thibaut Spiwack's Batignolles gourmet restaurant

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 22 February 2022 at 12h20
Anona is the table that has open last year by chef Thibaut Spiwack in the Batignolles neighborhood. A gourmet, responsible and sustainable restaurant in the heart of Paris 17th arrondissement.

Chef Thibaut Spiwack opened restaurant Anona in the heart of the Batignolles area last year, right next to the théâtre HébertotAfter working at George V, along with Alain Senderens, at 32, he becomes the chef of his very first own restaurant: Anona.

At Anona, Thibaut Spiwack offers a gourmet, sustainable and responsible cuisine whether it is about choosing the products (local deliveries, seasonal ingredients…), or the way he cooks them (waste reduction, limited water consumption, green electricity…) or the wellbeing of his teams.

Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020

Here, plates are creative, spruced up with some toppings, and of course, everything is homemade, from the sourdough bread to the syrups flavoring the Parisian lemonade.

For lunch, the chef provides you with a market's menu with the recipes of the day at €29 for the starter/main or main/dessert option, and €35 for the complete set menu. For dinner, close your eyes and let yourselves be guided by the chef's inspirations offering a discovery menu in 5 courses for €75 (€120 including wine pairing), and a tasting menu in 7 courses for €95 (€155 including wine pairing).

Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020

If you prefer cocktails over wine, you will be delighted with Anona list. Cocktails - made by a genuine mixologist - are wonderfully inventive.

Take the plunge and go for the Potager Inattendu (Rum, artichoke, cucumber, parsley, olive oil, egg white; €15), and the Xérophyte (Mezcal, agave syrup, lime, cilantro, bird's eye chili; €21). We told you they were surprising!

Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020

Next up? On the menu, you have as a starter some South-West duck breast (€18), dried on site during lockdown, with a side of marinated red bell pepper and Gariguette strawberries desiccated and re-hydrated with duck jus; a bit light in terms of quantity but quite nice.

We also order the Palourde de la Manche (Channel Sea clam) cooked in artichoke broth, shiso and anise dashi (€24), a starter that is more focusing on artichoke (with a whole artichoke heart) than clam, but rather nice, with delicious broth.

Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020

Moving on to main course, we go straight for the French veal kidney from South-West with white miso (€42), perfectly golden and crunchy, with a side of celeriac and burnt leeks, and the original touch of the dish is brought by the brined sakura leaf that - once crumbled down - is used to season and salt the dish. We mop up the thick and strong tasting gravy up to the very last drop.

And another dish on our table, the Blonde d'Aquitaine beef with ten peppers (€30), snow peas, arugula and Cevennes onions to bring some sweetness and roundness to the course. As expected, the meat is as soft as can be.

Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020Anona - 2020

As for desserts, you choose them from the dessert cart. And we wrap up this meal with a fig tartlet with rosemary, and some hearty rum baba topped with red berries. Yummy!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 18 August 2020



    80 Boulevard des Batignolles
    75017 Paris 17

    Métro Rome, ligne 2

    Official website

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