Shouk, flavorsome Israeli cuisine and crazy hummus by Ohad Amzallag

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 29 July 2022 at 22h53
Restaurant Shouk offers us to travel with a menu based on Levantine specialties and crazy hummus by new chef Ohad Amzallag.

Set a stone's throw from the Canal Saint-Martin, in lively rue de Lancry, Shouk invites curious people to lift the veil over Israeli cuisine and this initiation journey will be packed in fiendishly sapid and original discoveries. Running this big restaurant and sun-bathing terraceShelly Bar and Tamir Kafir, both originating from Tel Aviv and who endeavor to make you discover the best of their country's gastronomy.

To do so, the duo called in a new cook who just started working: Ohad Amzallag, rising star of the new Israeli gastronomic scene, who brings techniques, recipes and exploits with him. And what a great meeting!


On the menu, you can enjoy since the place opned in 2018, some delicious Levantine cuisine with twist taken here and there, all around the Mediterranean Sea. But with the arrival of Ohad Amzallag, Shouk enters a new dimension, becoming one of the most exciting Levantine restaurants in the city.

For lunch, the restaurant provides a voluntarily short menu with THE star of the place: hummus. And if you knew everything about this cult dish, then you will be surprised. It is simple, Shouk's hummus probably is one of the best hummus we have ever had. Even better, it is served in such generous portions, two or three foodies can enjoy it.


You can choose between the classic hummus (€9), the eggplant hummus (€12) and its incredible smoky taste, the mushroom hummus and the bassar hummus with ground meat stew. But we loved the hamshouka (€15), the ultimate meeting between hummus and shakshukaLight, creamy, silky and delicate, chef Ohad Amzallag's hummus is a wonder. The chef even gave us his tip for a wonderful hummus: baking soda!

Another option at Shouk, for lunch, the traditional pita coming in braised yellow chicken shawarma (€15) with delicious yogurt-ambra dressing based on mango and lots of secret spices such as turmeric and chili; or halloumi version (€12.50) for vegetarian and fans of this Cypriot cheese. Flavorsome and interesting, Shouk's pitas are based on fluffy bread coming straight from Israel.


To pair all these dishes, at lunch and dinner, get a glass of wine, some cocktail or a bottle of Maccabee, a light Israeli beer. At night, Shouk switches to bistronomic style; a late hour during which the chef revisits his own terroir with creativity through dishes to share with guests.

Celeriac shawarma, king shrimp shakshuka, grilled squid, dark eggplant cream, meat stew, calamari messabaha... We are eager to come back and discover what Shouk serves at night!

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Starts 26 July 2022



    59 Rue de Lancry
    75010 Paris 10

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