Chai Brongniart, Palais Brongniart’s food cellar

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Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 8 May 2020 at 12h15
Chari Brongniart is a food cellar set within Palais Brongniart, on the ground floor. A bar and restaurant featuring a terrace promoting natural wines and terroir products. Let's meet there, especially after work, for a drink.

On the ground floor of Palais Brongniart (former Palais de la Bourse), lays Chai Brongniart, a food cellar that replaced BIEH.

This Chai Brongniart has been created by friends from Aveyron who wanted a den in Paris and provides natural wines and terroir and seasonal products in its three areas: a bar, a restaurant and a heated 120-sqm terrace. One comes after work, for dinner cocktails, seated dinners or even themed club nights (jazz concerts, dj sets, lives…). A restaurant where the local employees can also have lunch.

Chai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai Brongniart

On Chai Brongniart menu – renewed monthly – we have good wines (natural or organic) and French food. For instance, according to seasons, we have a burger, a knife-cut tartare, a prime rib of beef or even blue fin tuna cooked à la plancha. As for desserts, we have crème brûlée and panna cotta.

Chai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai Brongniart

At night, to pair these cocktails or the aperitif wine, Chai Brongniart delivers a list of tapas including cod fritters, coppa ham, Serrano ham, fried calamari, patatas bravas. You also have starters to share such as this giant tomato and burrata salad, this blue fin tuna tartare and this mix board including cold cuts and cheeses.

Chai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai Brongniart

Chai Brongniart after work parties are created with products thoroughly selected and despite that, rates stay correct. In happy hour, the pint cost €5 and cocktails from €7. By the way, more than tapas, Chai Brongniart provides small dishes to share (or not, if you're really greedy), based on fish or meat.

Chai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai BrongniartChai Brongniart

During our after work party, we enjoyed fries - of course - as well as a very tasty homemade hummus; mozzarella fritters, crispy and smooth, squid fritto misto (it was absolutely not rubbery), Catalan bread with Serrano ham and tomato, excellent white fish ceviche with mango and the fantastic prime rib of beef. We haven't eaten such a good meat in a very long time.

Craving a tasty after work party? Go to Chai Brongniart.

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33 Place de la Bourse
75002 Paris 2

Bourse (ligne 3)

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