Grillé, the gourmet custom-made kebab comes to Montorgueil

Published by Laura B. · Updated on 8 May 2020 at 12h18 · Published on 9 October 2019 at 11h34
The Montorgueil neighborhood welcomes a new restaurant, Grillé. At Grillé, you’re provided with kebabs and not any kind, custom-made kebabs based on top-quality ingredients….

Do you like kebabs? But not the one served in shady eateries smelling of fat? Well, we’ve got you covered since we’ve discovered a new restaurant: Grillé in the Montorgueil area. The luxury kebab brand has just settled in a building listed as Historic Monument, where you can find marble, mirrors, wood, and a decorative ceiling from the 19th century.

Grillé is specialized in gourmet kebabs and all ingredients are of quality and thoroughly selected.
Starting with the bread, here it’s a durum flat bread inspired by a Turkish recipe based on organic wheat and spelt flours. But most of all, these flat breads are rolled out in front of clients and baked to order.

The most important thing in kebab is meat, I know you’d agree. At Grillé, meats are selected by famous butcher Hugo Desnoyer who went for marinated suckling veal belly. First cut on the spike, the meat slices are broiled before deglazing in lemon juice and marinated in herbs.

Grillé sauces are obviously homemade. There’s the traditional white sauce (fromage blanc and horseradish), the green sauce (green tomato flesh, green chili pepper and sweet onions), snow pea sauce (snow pea, cumin, mint, lemon) and other seasonal recipes.

Grillé kebab sandwiches are served with fresh fries prepared the Belgian way. Last but not least, if you think you still have some room left for dessert, Grillé provides craft ice creams by ice cream MOF Emmanuel Ryon. And you also have craft beers brewed in Alsace.

You have another good excuse to have a kebab with Grillé gourmet kebabs!

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Rue des Petits Carreaux
75002 Paris 2

Métro : Sentier

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