Sormani, Italian gastronomy by Franck Potier-Sodaro

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Published by Manon C., Caroline J. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 4 May 2022 at 12h24
Taken over in 2020 by Franck Potier-Sodaro, Sormani is a discreet Italian location shining a light on noble produces through traditional and seasonal recipes.

Discreet Italian institution set by the Arc de Triomphe for many years, Sormani restaurant was taken over by Franck Potier-Sodaro – then sommelier and maître d’hotel at the place – after the founder Pascal Fayet left in 2020.

Since then, the restaurant – enjoying three lounges you can rent, including one set just across – went for a decoration mixing rococo pieces and contemporary paintings, and works for food relying as much as possible on short delivery and sustainable systems. To do so, the chef trusts many small producers and artisans, all specialized in one particular produce.

Sormani 2022Sormani 2022Sormani 2022Sormani 2022

For lunch, the Italian specialties are available and stick to the local rates; but also, on a lunch menu changing weekly, depending on the season and deliveries. The spring menu shines a light on morels, snow peas, asparagus served with wild garlic pistou, and the first strawberries of the season.

But may Sormani regulars be rest assured, the restaurant’s signature dishes are still there, whether it comes to the lemon crab (€37) served with candied tomatoes and snow pea soup; or the seabass carpaccio (€39) plated like a painting, and cleverly uplifted with bottarga.

Sormani 2022Sormani 2022Sormani 2022Sormani 2022

Smart, recipes mostly rely on the quality of raw materials that famed and renowned, only need a few ornaments. The veal kidney (€44) is served smooth and braised, with a side of gorgonzola potato mash; the lobster roast is hearty, and with a very comforting side of homemade rigatoni, fresh fava beans, zucchinis and beans.

As for seasonal recipes, recently added to the menu, let us name the roasted squid and cold potato mash with saffron (€38), or the fettucine with wild garlic pistou, peperonata squids and spring onions (€33), to enjoy with some fresh spritz or a glass of Italian wine, Sormani enjoying the biggest cellar of Italian wines in Paris.

Sormani 2022Sormani 2022Sormani 2022Sormani 2022

As for the sweet part, it is entrusted to pastry chef Pascal Stadéroli. He serves expected desserts such as tiramisu and affogato, but allows himself more personal creations such as these fraises gariguette (€16), meringue and homemade strawberry sorbet, or this candied rhubarb carpaccio (€16), crème brûlée and sweet bread sticks.

Craving Italian food for lunch, then?

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    75017 Paris 17

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