Vegan restaurants in Paris

Paris is full of vegan addresses that make vegans happy and the trend is not likely to stop here. So, to help you out, here are the best spots where you can confidently enjoy delicious meals.

Being vegan doesn’t mean saying goodbye to tasty dishes and finding yourself eating salad for the rest of your life, far from it. Actually, many chefs try to outdo one another in created dishes free from animal exploitation but full of flavors. From the traditional burger to the risotto via the wok, these vegan addresses are willing to prove you how rich and tasty vegan cuisine can be. Be ready to tell clichés about this anti-cruelty way of life to get lost.

  • Abattoir Végétal
    A restaurant we truly like, full of freshness that puts vegan cuisine to a gastronomic level. Its major asset? A vegan brunch likely to fulfill your taste buds’ desires.

  • East Side Burgers
    It’s one of vegan caterings pioneers in Paris and it meets an incredible success. Specialized in American street food, its hot-dog is likely to dupe more than just a few gourmet eaters.

  • VG
    With generous and huge burgers, we hardly can restrain our appetite. Fresh ingredients and a oh-so delicious bun, here’s one of the best addresses for people who love burgers.

  • Brasserie Lola
    It looks like an ordinary restaurant and yet, this brasserie is without equal when it comes to offering vegan meals and original cocktails.

  • Hank Burger
    Very well-known, this street-food restaurant is going to surprise you with original recipes and its Tourist burger that changes according to seasons and the team’s inspiration. What a treat!

  • Gentle Gourmet
    This ultra-modern bistro stands out because of its incredible creativity from the starter to the dessert without forgetting flowery cocktails. The nerve of it!

  • Jah Jah
    Created by Le Trycicle founders, Jah Jah takes you on a culinary vegan world tour. In the heart of the concept: an African-vegan cuisine that we’re not tired of tasting.

So, are you convinced?

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 3 January 2019

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