Summit Cycle, the new indoor cycling room in Paris

Published by Laura B. · Updated on 14 September 2018 at 14h54 · Published on 14 September 2018 at 14h50
Summit Cycle has just open in Paris 2nd arrondissement and offers intense and immersive cycling sessions thanks to gaming… on your marks, get set, pedal!

What is Summit Cycle? A 250-sqm gym (remaining at manageable) where we can cycle indoor looking for performance during the intense sessions of 45 minutes.
But, to stave off boredom led by cycling an exercise bike, Summit Cycle had the idea to join gaming to it…

Gaming enables to increase cyclists’ motivation as well as their performances thanks to a playful approach.

Group sessions mix hills, sprints and rolling pace like during the Tour de France. Some moments are devoted to the top body workout, to catch your breath. Without forgetting stretching at the end to prevent from sore muscles. The whole with music and hosted by trainers.

All this thanks to 40 connected bikes and tracking technology.

Four types of 45-minute classes are available:

  • Regular: the signature training to improve your core physical condition

  • High Frequency: to develop your sprint ability, short efforts but very intense interspersed by long moments of recovery

  • Summit Team: to pedal in pace with a team and be the best during sprints like during the Tour de France

  • 45 Power: workout interspersed by sprint and active recovery

Benefits of these workouts on the body? An intensive cardio workout good for the hear and the toning the whole body.

Summit Cycle ensures a personalized follow-up of each athlete who owns a personal area on the website to follow their progression. Individual and team challenges are offered with prizes to win.

Summit Cycle provides towels as well as cycling shoes (which are disinfected after each use). Changing rooms are high-range with showers, shampoo, towels, shower gels, hairdryer and hair straightener available to go back to work or hit a party as if nothing happened.

You feel hungry after the session? No problem, Summit Cycle partner Liife can deliver a fresh and balance meal at the end of the session.

Moving on to rates, one session costs €27, 5 sessions cost €125, 15 €315 and 20 €400.
The individual interview with a trainer costs €40, the individual training with a coach €75 and the 5 sessions with a personal trainer are for €340.

So, if you’ve always dreamt of biking among the front runners like in the Tour de France but you’ve never had the occasion, Summit Cycle give you the opportunity…


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Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 14 July 2018 to 31 December 2018



    24 Rue Feydeau
    75002 Paris 2

    Métro Bourse sur la ligne 3 ou Grands Boulevards sur les lignes 8 et 9.

    A partir de : €27

    Official website


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