Pégase Express at Parc Astérix in Paris: we tried the new attraction

Parc Astérix keeps on innovating. On this Saturday June 10, the new thrill ride: Pégase Express. Come aboard this new family roller coaster departing from the Montparnos station. A thrilling journey full of surprises, this is what this new flagship attraction has in store.

Pégase Express is the 2017 brand-new flagship attraction in the park of the indomitable Gauls. Starting from June 11, this new rollercoaster – the biggest work since Oziris – will be ours. A huge work of €16 million, which is the second biggest investment of the park since its opening.

This ride is open to children and adults but children under 1-m tall will not be able to ride it. Pégase Express will make us travel at full speed comfortably seated in an Ancient Greece train. The place scenography immerses us in the cartoon’s universe but with a funny twist, loyal to Astérix. So, let’s experience mythology revisited with a crazy Gaul twist!

According to the legend, Zeus decides to transform Pegasus into constellation so that he can remains in the sky he has traveled so many times. Visitors are lucky enough to experience this mythical and bumpy travel along with Pegasus.

Inauguration de Pégase Express au parc Astérix

Pégase Express takes you on a trip full of unexpected twists since it will not happen as planned. Throughout the ride, after turns, impressive ups and downs, you will intrude Medusa’s temple after getting through an imposing poster. As you know, you shall never look in Medusa’s eyes or you will be petrified.

How to escape Medusa? Shift into reverse!

Pégase Express is 1-km long and is set in the Greek area, a stone’s throw from the Cheval de Troie, the Vol d’Icare and Romus et Rapidus that it looks over twice. You will travel at a maximum speed of 32 mph for 3 minutes.

On Saturday June 10, we have been able to discover this new attraction in presence of French humorist Jamel Debouzze his family and children from the Jamel Codemy Kids to inaugurate this fantastic roller coaster. Magical show and flights of birds and falcon were also on the menu.

Inauguration de Pégase Express au parc Astérix

Inauguration de Pégase Express au parc Astérix

Inauguration de Pégase Express au parc Astérix

Discover the rollercoaster as if you were riding it yourself:

Built by rollercoaster specialists, the German specialists from Gerstlauer, this new ride cost about €15 million.

OIn short, after new shows, Forêt d’Idéfix or Discobélix last year, Parc Astérix keeps on innovating for our greatest pleasure. And because the Hôtel des trois Hibous is getting bigger by offering 50 additional rooms and 2 new hotels are soon to open in 2018 and 2019, we are eager to come back again and again!

Practical information:
Pégase Express at Parc Astérix
Starting from June 11, 2017
Ticketing: €41/€49 for adults, €38/€41 for children
Offer: Free for children under 12 until May 1, 2017 included


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Last updated on 11 June 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 11 June 2017 to 5 November 2017



    Parc Astérix
    60128 Plailly

    promo enfants gratuit: Free
    enfants: 38/41 €
    adultes: 41/49 €

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