Pink by quand les fleurs nous sauvent, the flowered exhibition at the Galerie Joseph-Charlot

Published by Cécile D. · Published on May 21, 2020 at 04:21 p.m.
Even though we missed spring because of lockdown, we can still catch up! Let’s all run to the Galerie Joseph-Charlot to admire the free exhibition called “Pink by quand les fleurs nous sauvent”! Many artists have been inspired by the color pink and flowers to add very beautiful and poetic touches to our lives.

Pink is not only for girls! Flowers either. And when both are brought together, it gives a magnificent exhibition. Pink by quand les fleurs nous sauvent  [Pink by when flowers save us] is to be discovered from June 26 to July 5, 2020 at the Galerie Joseph-Charlot. Many artists have been gathered by their will to add more beauty and art to this world. A humble initiative that does not leave us untouched.

Over twenty contemporary artists, famous or emerging, have been using pink and flowers their own way. Poetic, war-like, filled with many symbols, or simply aesthetic, these two items are shown in pictures, paintings, on china, fabric or used for collages.

This exhibition is also the occasion to give life to the “quand les fleurs nous sauvent” association. it wants to bring flowers to people who cannot see of have some often. Flowers will be given on June 7 on Mother’s Day (in France) in partnership with Les Restos du Coeur d’Asnières from June 8 to 12, 2020.

To make sure you enjoy the exhibition safely, entertainments have been cancelled but replaced by sensory experiences pacing the tour. Hand sanitizer is available; face shields and masks are available at the entrance. Ten persons can visit the exhibition at the same time. If you want to, you can purchase a surgical mask customized by the artists. The money raised will be equally donated to artists, the AP-HP and the Quand les fleurs nous sauvent association.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From June 26, 2020 to July 5, 2020



    66 Rue Charlot
    75003 Paris 3

    Métro : Filles du Calvaire (8) / Temple (3) / Oberkampf (5), (9)


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