Brasserie Baroche creates a truffle-based ice cream dessert

Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 14 July 2021 at 11h41
Truffle-loving foodies, Brasserie Baroche has come up with a very original truffle-based dessert. La Baroche, this is the name, is a bowl of vanilla ice cream, hazelnut ice cream, and summer truffle.

This summer 2021, Brasserie Baroche – delicious brasserie in Paris 8th arrondissement with quite affordable rates – innovates and creates a truffle-based ice cream dessert, La Baroche.

Talented and friendly chef David Baroche has created a truffle-based frozen dessert for the summer season but not only since this dessert stays on the menu of the restaurant all year around, depending on seasons and truffle deliveries.

As a matter of fact, La Baroche is the brasserie's Signature dessert. A dessert which recipe will change with the seasons. But truffle will always be added.

In concrete words, La Baroche is based on Bourbon vanilla ice cream, homemade praline based on Loire hazelnuts, and summer truffle from Gard, the star ingredient of this original dessert mixing sweet and savory flavors. The whole served with salted shortbread.

The dessert is low in sugar, and has a subtle truffle taste. A dessert the chef often finishes at your table, coming to grate truffle in front of patrons.

Glace La Baroche à la truffeGlace La Baroche à la truffeGlace La Baroche à la truffeGlace La Baroche à la truffe

Depending on seasons, truffle varieties will change. And in the winter, it will probably paired to chocolate.

Exceptional produce, but in the end reasonably affordable, truffle inspires many chefs for foodies’ palates’ greatest joy. We remember a few temporary truffled creations such as a panettone, a hot-dog and even a burger and some ramen.

As for Brasserie Baroche – set a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysées – they serve homemade and seasonal food. Flavorful and affordable cuisine served in a good atmosphere. Only good reasons to go and try this new truffle ice cream dessert!

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 8 July 2021



    101 Rue la Boétie
    75008 Paris 8



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