Paris Paris: the new trendy and quality bistro in Paris 10th arrondissement

Forget about Paris Texas and have a seat in Paris Paris, the latest born of the PNY family. Still nestled in Paris 10th arrondissement, Paris Paris highlights French bistro specialties with homemade and seasonal dishes.

Many of you have been enchanted by the dishes smoked in a US barbecue by Paris Texas. After a year of good and loyal services, the joyful team of PNY changes name and is now Paris Paris.

To be discover at 74 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, Paris Paris is PNY French touch. If the decoration remains almost the same, the menu and the dishes have changed since February 2018, highlight the classics of the French bistro cuisine, twisted by PNY of course!

Nico (former Beef Club), always running the place, came up with a simple but effective menu with 6 starters, 9 main courses and 6 desserts, that will change according to seasons.

Paris Paris : nouveau bistrot branché du 10ème arrondissement

Let’s start with choosing between a country terrine, a dry sausage o even cucumber with cream, but we finally go for the irresistible free-range egg from Picardie and its creamy mayonnaise and the soft leeks served with a delicious sauce gribiche. A nice foretaste with classics of the genre we love eating without counting.

Paris Paris : nouveau bistrot branché du 10ème arrondissement

Leeks and sauce gribiche

What’s next? Shepherd pie, free-range spare ribs, salt cod and potato mash or the very coveted pasta gratin.

I finally go for the timeless grilled cheese. Generous and delicious, this grilled cheese is to fall for, with its tasty ham slices, its melting cheese and its crispy bread by Thierry Breton.

Paris Paris : nouveau bistrot branché du 10ème arrondissement

Grilled cheese

Opposite the table, the irresistible rump steak and French fries with its Café de Paris sauce including 15 different ingredients!

Paris Paris : nouveau bistrot branché du 10ème arrondissement

Rump steak and fries

Finally, we couldn’t end this meal without tasting (or maybe eating up) the giant profiterole. For tow, this dessert definitely is worth the trip with its delicious praline, its light whipped cream, its vanilla ice cream and its chocolate sauce delicately poured before our eyes by Nico!

Paris Paris : nouveau bistrot branché du 10ème arrondissement

Giant profiterole

To accompany the whole meal, Paris Paris offers a whole range of beverages (soft, cocktails, beers and even wine from Domaine à la ficelle).

And for brunch addicts, meet on weekends for the famous lunch with on the menu a Lomi coffee, Rishi tea, hot chocolate, freshly squeezed juice, homemade granola, free range eff and soldier, Paris ham, cheese selection, Thierry Breton bread, Paris Paris jams and even the cake of the day!

I was forgetting that in addition to offering delicious dishes that are extremely hearty and high-quality, Paris Paris bets on very affordable prices with dishes between €12.50 and €17 at lunchtime and between €13.50 and €18 at dinnertime.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 10 April 2018

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74 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris 10

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