Hébé, a new and nice restaurant in Paris 5th arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 2 November 2018 at 12h09
Hébé is a new restaurant that has just opened in Paris 5th arrondissement. The menu has been thought up by two Michelin stars chef Michel Portos. What’s on the menu? A Mediterranean, seasonal and quality cuisine.

A new restaurant has opened in Paris 5th arrondissement. Its name? Hébé [Hebe] like the goddess, daughter of Zeus and Hera that used to serve gods and goddesses their nectar. Right away, the tone is set: at Hébé, one eats nice little dishes with a Mediterranean twist, to share with your friends.

Behind these dishes and this inventive menu hide two Michelin star chef Michel Portos and executive chef Raphaël Sicsic. And no need to say that produces are of top quality: meats come from Metzger, fishes from J’Océane and Reynaud.

Hébé Hébé Hébé Hébé

Let’s give you further details about the menu, or the menus. Hébé has 3 menus, what a delight! On the first, you can choose starters, main courses and desserts created by Michel Portos. On the second one, let yourself go for the €35-Menu Gourmet also designed by Michel Portos. Finally, on the third menu, foodies can choose the Menu du Midi, this time thought up by chef Raphaël Sicsic. Got it?

To taste a bit of both chefs’ creations, we went for a starter, a main course and a dessert of each chef.

The Michel Portos’ starter we picked up? A swordfish tartare and pomelo (€16), perfectly seasoned and that managed to highlight the firmness of the swordfish flesh. As for the other starter, we went for a sea bream ceviche with mint, smoked oil, very sweet and smooth.

Hébé Hébé Hébé Hébé

For the main courses, the bitter-sweet roasted duckling served with baby potatoes, fig and tarragon (€17) by Michel Portos conquered us so much that we even sop the delicious sauce up to the last drop. As for Raphaël Sicsic’s main course announced to be pork ribs, leek fondue and a thyme sauce with green olives, was more about pork chop but still, it was flavorsome.

Finally, for the desserts, it’s the dessert by Michel Portos that beats hand down. Not that the Tarte Tatin and Tonka cream didn’t delight us, on the contrary. But the pear, orange caramel clafoutis and vanilla ice cream (€10) was extremely good. Served in a burning dish, like a bibimbap, the clafoutis was sticky and caramelized on the sides and it was just hot enough to have us wait a bit and prevent us from eating it all in one bite.

Hébé Hébé Hébé Hébé

In other words, if you happen to be in Paris 5th arrondissement or by the Île de la Cité, have a stop at Hébé. This new restaurant deserves that we stop there for a moment. Moreover, with its lovely and sunny terrace, you’ll be welcomed this winter on sunny and cold days.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 1 November 2018 to 30 December 2018



    15 Rue Frédéric Sauton
    75005 Paris 5

    Desserts: €7 - €11
    Entrées: €9 - €16
    Plats: €16 - €19
    Menu Midi entrée+plat ou plat+dessert: €22
    Menu midi entrée+plat+dessert: €26
    Menu végétarien: €32
    Menu Gourmet: €35
    Menu dégustation pour deux: €84

    Official website

    01 46 34 08 91

    More informations
    Du mardi au dimanche, midi et soir

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