Bouche, the latest and delighting restaurant in Paris 11th arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 5 November 2021 at 11h16
The Folie-Méricourt district welcomes a brand-new and appealing restaurant, Bouche, by Angela Kong and Antoine Bernardin with chef Florent Peineau in the kitchen.

The heart of Paris 11th arrondissement keeps buzzing with new restaurants. Over the past months, Marchon restaurant by Alexandre Marchon and MAD restaurant have brought some life to the place, between two lockdowns, and the rues Saint-Maur and Jean-Pierre Timbaud are now part of the most indulging streets in town.

Recently, a new enchanting table opened up the rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, managed by Angela Kong and Antoine Bernardin. Its name? Bouche. And we can already tell you, several dishes eaten that night have covered us in culinary kisses and were highly comforting.

Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11

Starting with the decoration, scraped walls, concrete floor, raw materials and a room with a big dining table you can privatize to invite friends and feel like at home, this is what to expect at Bouche. And to toast with guests, here is a very original cocktail to try out: the Slushy (mezcal, watermelon, basil, lime; €13), to slurp like a slurpee.

Moving on to dishes, seasonal ingredients and sophisticated recipes made depending on the mood and market and created by chef Florent Peineau. Great, travel-inducing and inspired cuisine that delighted us, starting with this nice slice of black pudding (€11), perfectly seared, very crunchy; and this fantastic roasted squash (€12) with light Fourme d’Ambert cheese cream and sorrel to add a bit of sourness to this scrumptious dish.

Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11

But THE dish you do not want to miss – and that has been praised by all the regulars of the place – definitely is the Gua Bao (€14) with bread as light as a homemade cloud, Korean Fried Chicken, peanuts. It is simple, we love this slightly spicy wonder so much we ordered another one to share!

Coming up, mashed potatoes from the Ile de Ré (€8), dipping in Ranch dressing, a barbecue rack of lamb (€32, please), but delicate and served just medium-rare and with a side of chards, pistachio and scarmoza – we would have loved to have more of it.

Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11Bouche Paris 11

Desserts are just as delightful: a Bourdalou tart (€10), bread and rosemary foam, and a quince-based dessert in multiple textures, roasted, jelly, very light but also very spicy. This is a very mouthwatering place.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 3 November 2021



    85 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
    75011 Paris 11

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