Kong, the CBD-Cannabis selling counter in Paris

Kong is the new counter selling CBD cannabis in Paris hiding inside La Maison du Sans Gluten in the 10th arrondissement. Here, you can legally buy THC-free cannabis.

Among the counters selling CBD cannabis in Paris, you have Kong! This address is hiding in a place that is already known in Paris: La Maison du Sans Gluten. So far, the delicatessen offered, as its name suggests it, a whole range of gluten-free products, for intolerant people’s greatest happiness.

Kong, le comptoir de vente de Cannabis CBD de la Maison du Sans Gluten

From now on, the address has a new offering. Following the movement enabling to open CBD Coffee Shop, La Maison du Sans Gluten is now housing Kong, its own selling counter where you can find several varieties of CBD cannabis flowers, as well as vaping products and oils. Some accessories are available such as grinders allowing to grind the heads prior to use cannabis, sheets to roll, bangs and lighters.

Kong, le comptoir de vente de Cannabis CBD de la Maison du Sans Gluten

Please note that legal cannabis has a THC rate under 0.2%, since it’s the limit authorized by the legal uncertainty enabling these addresses to pop all over Paris. You don’t have to expect to feel illegal cannabis usual sensations related to THC, the psychotropic causing adverse effects of this drug. The particularity of this legal variety sold in these counters lay in the presence more or less high of another component, cannabidiol, also known as CBD. According to users, this component allows you to feel cannabis beneficial effects (relaxation, sleep aid, good mood), without suffering the harmful impacts.

Kong, le comptoir de vente de Cannabis CBD de la Maison du Sans Gluten

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 25 June 2018

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12 Rue d'Hauteville
75010 Paris 10

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