Hazelnut praline marshmallows for Easter 2022 by Maison Carrousel

Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 22 March 2022 at 17h36
Maison Carrousel does in originality for Easter 2022 with delicious marshmallows filled with a delicious heart made of hazelnut praline.

Forget the timeless Easter chocolates and more chocolate eggs! This year, Maison Carrousel unveils an original box that – we warn you – will indulge every lover of praline flavors! Maison Carrousel is a confectionery story that opened in 2019 and promotes French artisanal confectionery through smooth marshmallows made in Paris.

After inventing incredible Epiphany cake-flavored marshmallows for Epiphany, Maison Carrousel came up for Easter 2022 with a box of plain marshmallows… But do not trust they classic look, the originality hides inside these little sweet clouds, available in a box of 6 (€13) or 12 (€21) marshmallows.

Maison Carrousel - Pâques 2022Maison Carrousel - Pâques 2022Maison Carrousel - Pâques 2022Maison Carrousel - Pâques 2022

Inside these marshmallows, Maison Carrousel has placed a smooth core made of hazelnut praline, based on roasted hazelnuts and 50% Peruvian milk chocolate. We tried them and let us say these marshmallows by Maison Carrousel are – as usual – fiendishly addictive. You will definitely fall in love with them and indulge you and your family!

This creation is already available on Maison Carrousel’s e-store. Happy Easter to you all!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 21 March 2022



    267 Rue Lecourbe
    75015 Paris 15

    6 guimauves: €13
    12 guimauves: €21

    Official website