L'Escargot Montorgueil, the Parisian institution still delighting, 200 years later

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Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on April 6th, 2022 at 02:59 p.m.
Located in the Halles district of Paris, L'Escargot Montorgueil showcases Burgundy snails in original recipes, and brilliantly executes the great classics of French gastronomy.

It's one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, and you've probably passed it dozens of times. Located on the busy Rue Montorgueil, theEscargot Montorgueil opened its doors in 1832, when France was still in the midst of the July Monarchy, under the reign of Louis-Philippe 1st.

For almost 200 years now, thisParisian institution has been serving its French-style dishes to gourmets, Parisians and visitors alike. Inside, the Second Empire decor takes us back to a bygone era, but it's also on the plates that we take a step back in time, with a menu featuring a key element of French gastronomy - as you'll have gathered from the restaurant's name: theBurgundy snail.

L'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot Montorgueil

This classic, invented in 1814 by the chef des Rois and king of chefs, Antonin Carême, is unveiled here in its most classic but devilishly tasty version, with maître d'hôtel butter, but also in more original and frankly unprecedented recipes, such as this version with Espelette pepper - a delight -, with foie gras and truffle for aesthetes, or with brie for cheese lovers.

These little marvels can be eaten by the 6 or 12 (between €12 and €36 depending on the recipe and number chosen), or even in a generous platter of 36 Burgundy snails combining the five different recipes (€80), enough to make an orgy of this French specialty that is the envy of tourists. Of course, the snails are prepared with the utmost care and tradition, first blanched and then placed in a court-bouillon seasoned with herbs and spices.

L'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot Montorgueil

But there's more to theEscargot Montorgueil menu than this classic; The restaurant offers a plethora of traditional dishes, including a fine slice of duck pâté en croûte with a generous foie gras insert and whole pistachios (15€), Escoffier-style frogs' legs (14€), an incredibly tender filet de boeuf Rossini (36€), as well as lighter dishes that will please even the smallest appetites, such as this springtime variation on the first asparagus of the season (15€).

L'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot MontorgueilL'Escargot Montorgueil

As for desserts, we continue in the tradition but with a lighter touch, with crêpes Suzette flambéed in front of us (15€) and a pavlova with lemon cream, fresh mango and lime (11€). With its imposing golden snail on the front, L'Escargot Montorgueil is well worth an extended lunch or dinner stop for anyone wishing to feast on well-executed dishes worthy of French gastronomy.

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