Pin-Pan, Argentinian competition sandwiches

Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on October 9th, 2023 at 06:44 p.m.
When two street food moguls join forces, the result is Pin-Pan, an Argentinian street-food restaurant where you can devour competitive sandwiches.

It's one of those addresses that you know is going to be tasty from the moment you hear it's opening. Such is the case with Pin-Pan (pronounced pine-pane à l'argentine), which opened its doors last autumn and which we were delighted to try out. It has to be said that the duo at the helm of this address is no novice: on the one hand, Alexandre Chapier of the Blossom burger restaurant, and on the other, Anne-Louis Brosseau, founder of the Argentinian pizzeria Paris-Boca.

The two have known each other for some time, and had already collaborated on a Boca Burger, to be offered in 2021 at Blossom. With this first joint address, the duo sign sandwiches with an Argentinian twist and a street-food menu inspired by Buenos Aires street food.

Pin-Pan - BurgerPin-Pan - BurgerPin-Pan - BurgerPin-Pan - Burger

The Boca Burger (€13.50) makes a comeback, with its smashed Limousin beef patty, smoked asado sauce, Argentine mozzarella and chimichurri sauce, alongside 4 new sandwiches just as hot.

The Chori Pin-Pan (€12.50) is already a must-try: minced pork loin, homemade marinated and snacked, in a focaccia with salsa criolla, lettuce, tomato confit, fried onions and an amazingly flavorful chimichurri sauce. Melted cheese option available (+1€)!

Pin-Pan - SandwichPin-Pan - SandwichPin-Pan - SandwichPin-Pan - Sandwich

Another success is the pulled lamb sandwich (12.90€), although it's more timid than the Chori Pin-Pan in terms of taste. Inspired by traditional Patagonian slow-cooking methods, the soft potato bun features lamb shoulder confit in red wine for 5 hours, then snacked, with red onion pickles and bay leaves, eggplant condiment until the end of the season, piquillo and coriander.

A giblet sandwich (13.90€), a staple of the asado culture, has also made its appearance on the menu - fans beware! So has a vegetarian focaccia (12€), although, let's face it, you wouldn't go to an Argentinian restaurant to skip out on the amazing meats that make this gastronomy so special.

Pin-Pan - BurgerPin-Pan - BurgerPin-Pan - BurgerPin-Pan - Burger

Count €14.50 for the sandwich+drink lunch menu, €16.90 for the sandwich+drink+fries menu. Judging by the queues in front of this micro-restaurant, the address seems to have already won over the neighborhood's workers!

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79 Rue Taitbout
75009 Paris 9

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