Paris Burger Week 2021: Goiko named best burger in Paris

Published by Manon C., Laura B. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 20 July 2021 at 09h24
This summer, from June 17 to July 4, 2021, Paris hosts the first Paris Burger Week, an event giving pride of place to burger in all shapes and sizes. 23 restaurants took part in the event they were competing for with a special burger recipe. Results are in: Goiko is named best burger in Paris!

Calling all (tasty) burger fans! This summer, from June 17 to July 4, 2021, Paris will experience its very first Paris Burger Week. A culinary event entirely dedicated to hamburger.

Behind this new indulging event, there is Christian and his sidekick, Manuel. The first one – coming from Panama who lived in New York before moving to Paris in 2021 – has been noticing since he arrived that the French were crazy about burgers. Every year, they eat 1.7 billion burgers – according to Gira Conseil. So, after he saw a similar event in Panama, Christian has decided to create one in Paris as well.

This Paris Burger Week giving pride of place to burgers is to be held in several restaurants in town.
Restaurants taking part in the event provide a burger recipe – most of the time it is exclusive and created on the occasion, but some decide to present a recipe already available – thanks to which, they compete in a contest.

The Paris Burger Week gives pride of place to absolutely all kinds of burgers: veggie, Asian, beef, chicken, pork, duck, fish

Because of the Paris Burger Week is also a contest which jury is made of patrons. After enjoying burgers in the participating restaurants, gourmands can vote on the event’s website to elect their favorite burger. And results are in: Goiko is named best burger in Paris 2021 with their La Olé burger!

For the record, 23 restaurants in Paris competed in the Paris Burger Week:

  • Burger Theory
  • Goiko
  • Mobster Diner
  • Mersea
  • Canard Street
  • Goku Asian Canteen
  • Buns & Co
  • Union Square Cafe
  • Poulet Poulette
  • Jak Healthy
  • Le Caminito Cabaret
  • Roomies
  • 31 Street
  • Frog XVI
  • Noush
  • Wing & Chill
  • Burger N Juice
  • Flox Burger
  • Chacha Vegan Street-Food
  • Shiso Burger
  • Moustache
  • Mémère Louise Bistro
  • Malak al Tawouk

Let us meet this summer in Paris to definitely say good riddance to your summer body and taste test the winning burger by Goiko, shall we?

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