Teppan, Thierry Marx’s new restaurant at Charles de Gaulle airport

Two Michelin-star Thierry Marx has just opened a new restaurant, Teppan, in Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 1 public area. A restaurant where he adds Asian twists to French local produces.

After the Gare du Nord where he opened the brasserie L’Etoile du Nord in 2016, Thierry Marx continues setting in travel places with Teppan, he inaugurated this past May in Charles-de-Gaulle airport terminal 1.

Teppan is set in the public area, on the 2nd level. No need to be a traveler with a plane ticket and a passport, the restaurant is open to all in this international terminal welcoming many Asian travelers.

Teppan, restaurant de Thierry Marx

Teppan? But what does it mean? In Japanese, “teppanyaki” means “grilled on an iron plate”. And it’s with this precise tool, allowing to master the temperature and cooking quickly, Teppan dishes are cooked.

For Teppan, Thierry Marx chose to work with local and quality produces with original seasonings. He offers a “spontaneous” and “fast food”, perfect for travelers in a hurry.

Teppan, restaurant de Thierry Marx

On the menu of Teppan, also used as a placemat, we find French dishes and some of them with a Japanse seasonings, a country where Thierry Marx opened restaurants. There are charcuteries and cheeses boards from €14. The Terrine de Campagne, perfectly colored and served with small condiments, offered on a board is by house Vérot, a charcuterie that never fails us.

Teppan, restaurant de Thierry Marx - Terrine de campagne de la maison Vérot

There are also the traditional brasserie dishes such as croque-monsieur and fried eggs, as well as the cheese soufflé that doesn’t require cooking for €14, the chef’s signature dishes. The burger with French organic beef for €21 is good and combines everything we expect from a good burger. Its bread comes from La Boulangerie Thierry Marx.

Teppan offers meats (side of beef Tataki way, dried sausage…) and fishes (cod fillet, blue lobster which is Thierry Marx’s other signature dish…), with six sides of your choice (French fries, mashed potatoes, crispy vegetables…). We fall for the Japanese-like marinated salmon fillet: its cooking on the teppanyaki gives it a fabulous grilled aspect. Speaking of the spelt risotto, it’s excellent with its lemony taste. The sour squids with mix herbs are perfectly cooked.

Teppan, restaurant de Thierry Marx - calamars acidulés aux herbes fraîches et risotto d'épeautre

As for dessert, there are eight choices available (chocolate cream, chocolate mousse, exotic Mont-Blanc…) between €8 and €12. The seasonal fruit tart, by La Boulangerie Thierry Marx (apricot-pistachio right now) is very fresh and perfect to end the meal.

Teppan, restaurant de Thierry Marx - tarte abricot pistache

At lunchtime, the menu costs €24 and the kid menu €12.

Teppan is warm, very welcoming with its décor and tables of all sizes, high or not, and its impressive housing capacity. We love the open-plan kitchen in the restaurant so that you can see the cooks working. The bar is very long, and we can have a seat there to eat or sip a few drinks.

Teppan, restaurant de Thierry Marx

With Teppan, it’s the cuisine of a top chef who becomes rather affordable in terms of prices. It’s good, it’s fast, we could almost want to go to the airport just to eat at Thierry Marx’s!

Laura B.
Last updated on 16 July 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 16 July 2018 to 13 December 2018



    Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
    95700 Roissy en France

    Aéroport Charles de Gaulle, zone publique, niveau 2

    01 48 62 90 86

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