Korus, the new gourmet restaurant set in Paris 11th arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 19 April 2022 at 17h40
Looking for the next good restaurant to test with your family, friends or even on your own? Head to Paris 11th arrondissement to discover now Korus and its (very) great, tasty, inventive and mastered cuisine.

We’ll go straight to the point: we’ve simply discovered THE new gourmet address in Paris 11th arrondissement. Its little name? Korus managed by Afrae and Yann Brasseur.

Set on rue Amelot, Korus is a chic and sober restaurant, we gladly sat there on a very cold winter night. The menu is short and quite mysterious.

It features two tasting menus for the evening, one for €49 with 4 courses, appetizers and petits fours, the other for €59 with 5 courses, appetizers and petits fours.


You can also eat at the bar, thanks to small dishes costing between €7 and €13, but as for us, the €59 tasting menu is way too attractive to dare miss it.

Especially since it’s a wine pairing menu and we’ve heard that wines at Korus are thoroughly selected, it’s even more tantalizing.


Our meal starts with three appetizers: the first, very soft is a slow-cooked egg with onion cream, cauliflower purée and grated parmesan, the second is a poultry liver mousse, white rice chips and pickled onions from Florence, and the third one is a celeriac spring roll and mustard curry.

Three appetizers to warm up for the rest, with lots of elegance.


Then come three starters.

We enjoy then grey shrimps in a delicious shell broth with enoki mushrooms and celeriac; then the eggplant two ways: an eggplant served with the reduction of its jus and most of all an eggplant delicately sweetened and twisted with a chorizo cream, dry black amber prune and shallot.

Once tasted this eggplant two ways, we immediately think that Korus is an incredible restaurant.


And this before even enjoying the turnip and cilantro pancake served with mushrooms and mussels marinated in vinegar and dill, with a blue cheese and parmesan emulsion. A dish as good as well-plated.

We gladly move on to the main course which was, that night, pigeon served with fried winter squash, surprising and crispy, foie gras, sucrine salad and a strong meat reduction. A generous and mouthwatering dish with many textures and perfect cooking.


As we couldn’t leave such a restaurant without giving a go to the sweet creations, here we go for some desserts. A fresh, light and successful dessert, a pear baba served with raw whipped cream flavored with lemon, followed by petits fours.

At Korus, respecting good produces is the watchword. Transformed and combined with inventiveness, boldness, they show themselves and are embellished in perfect dishes. Plates are beautiful and mouthwatering; the cooking is sophisticated and flavorful.


Moreover, the menu changes very often, according to deliveries. You can only be surprised and delighted when you come to Korus.

Great gastronomy that is elegant and mastered at very soft prices. A must.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 30 January 2019 to 29 December 2024



    73 Rue Amelot
    75011 Paris 11

    Formule Bar déjeuner et dîner avec cartes de petites assiettes: €7 - €13
    Formule déjeuner entrée/plat/dessert : €20
    Menu dîner dégustation en 4 plats+amuses bouche+mignardises : €49
    Menu dîner dégustation en 5 plats+amuses bouches+mignardises: €59

    Official website

    01 55 28 53 31

    More informations
    Du mercredi au samedi midi et soir, et le dimanche soir.

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