Paris Michelin-starred restaurants to highlight Japanese Wagyu beef for the Holiday Season

Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 10 December 2019 at 14h45 · Updated on 10 December 2019 at 15h04
For the Holiday Season, Japanese Wagyu beef will be given pride of place. In Paris, four restaurants take part in the operation. Good meat lovers, you’ll love it even more!

Good news for fans of exceptional meats.
For the Holiday Season 2019, about twenty Michelin-starred restaurants have decided to give pride of place to Japanese Wagyu beef with new recipes specially created on the occasion.

The name Wagyu beef refers to several breeds of Japanese beef including the famous Kobe beef. These breeds produce exceptional meat, very marbled, soft, very tasty and very coveted by good meat lovers.

If some starred chefs like Kei Kobayashi, 2 stars, for his restaurant Kei or Ryuji Tesihma said Teshi, 1 Michelin star, for his restaurant Pages cook Wagyu beef all year long, other top chefs choose to provide this exceptional dish only for a short amount of time.

Sixteen of the twenty restaurants shining a light of Wagyu beef for the Holiday Season are set in the region. And four of them are set in the French capital. Here are the Paris-based starred chefs and restaurants where you can enjoy some Wagyu beef:

  • Adeline Grattard, 1 star for Yam’Tcha / Sweet potato spaghetti, shiitake mushroom and Wagyu rib steak (prepared by Adeline Grattard and marinated in dark sauce and rice alcohol, steamed shiitake)

  • Gaël Orieux, 1 star for Auguste / Wagyu beef, sweet and sour prune flesh, parsley-coffee-hazelnut root

  • Ayumi Sugiyama and Romain Mahi, 1 star for Accents / BBQ Wagyu, smoked eel, candied verderelli lemon, sweet potato

  • Keisuke Yamagishi, 1 star for Eitude / Stewed Wagyu, ceps, burnt sea urchins, Tokyo turnip

Each chef choses the exact dates they'll served they Wagyu beef-based meal, but they will all do it in December, prior to Christmas, Wagyu beef being an exceptional products.
Yet, at Etude restaurant, the operation starts from December 10, 2019.
As for Accents, the restaurant will promote Wagyu beef from December 17 to 21, 2019.

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