Totuma, the latest Venezuelan street-food restaurant

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Published by Manon C., Laura B. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 2 October 2021 at 08h49 · Published on 1 October 2021 at 16h53
Feel like discovering new flavors? How about trying Venezuelan street-food? This is what the latest restaurant in Paris 11th arrondissement, Totuma, offers. On the menu, arepas, tequeños, and even tajadas…

It seems South-American food has been delighting foodies, lately. After Brazilian, Amazonian and Argentinean food, it is now time for Venezuela gastronomy to come to town.

Totuma, Venezuelan restaurant that opened this past June, is one of the places expecting to make us discover the intriguing Venezuelan cuisine.


Behind Totuma stands Valentina Palacios, from Venezuela. In her restaurant, she shines a light on Venezuelan traditions, providing arepas and more tequeños for a small cost.

The arepa, an emblematic dish from the Venezuelan street-food, is a corn flour flatbread (gluten-free then), coming in several ways. Traditionally, it is stuffed with beef and black beans. But twisted French way, at Totuma, it is stuffed with pork sausage. And Valentina Palacios serves all her arepas for less than 10 euros.


As for the tasting in itself, we fell for the arepa Norma (€9) with smoked pork belly, avocado, mango and mint salad we found very fresh but a bit mean when it comes to the belly; and for the arepa Romeo (€9), generously filled with pulled pork, mango and pico de gallo sauce. If you like fresh and slightly sweet flavors, you will be very happy.


In addition to these arepas, Totuma also serves guacamole (€6) served with homemade and very crunchy chips made of plantain, cassava and sweet potato. As well as the famous tequeños, these fried cheese fritters, to dip in salsa verde we higly appreciated.

As for drinks, rum and cocktails come obviously from Venezuela, but we went for a Venezuela Mule (€9), perfectly balanced and deliciously sparkly that was very delightful. If you are more into softer drinks for lunch, the Totuma team makes homemade fruit juices.

How about traveling to Venezuela to delight your taste buds without even leaving Paris?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 October 2021



    17 Rue Alexandre Dumas
    75011 Paris 11

    Rue des Boulets (ligne 9)

    Official website

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