Vesper, Lucas Felzine’s amazing Nikkei restaurant

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Published by Manon C., My B. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 2 June 2022 at 10h53
Vesper, here is the name of the brand-new restaurant shaking things up in Paris 7th arrondissement with Nikkei food by Lucas Felzine and its magnificent setting with two atmospheres for festive nights.

This is one of our biggest cases of love at first sight of the year: Vesper, the Fitz Group restaurant by Guillaume Benard keeps on improving on the Left Bank. After Abstinence and Fitzgerald, now discover Vesper. And what a great surprise! But before telling you about chef Lucas Felzine's cuisine - that truly conquered us - let us speak first of another big asset at Vesper: the incredible decoration.

Created by Spanish architect Lazaro Rosa Violan who signs his first project in France, Vesper revolves around two different spaces: one bright and gold with a huge main bar and open-plan kitchen with Japanese barbecue, the other, cozier and softer with velvet bench seats and floral patterned wallpaper.

Vesper restaurantVesper restaurantVesper restaurantVesper restaurant

Vesper is inspired by a cocktail that means “evening” in Latin. No doubt, this new place aims at being festive and mix tasty gastronomy and party. In addition to a great music program with an evening DJ set that is exclusively female, the place is a genuine bar where barmaid chef Agathe Pottel works. Lovely creations mixing Lucas Felzine’s fusion cuisine, here is what to expect.

The chef, who was trained by William Ledeuil, Alain Passard and at the Shangri-La, returns to his favorite cuisine style with a Nikkei menu, this cuisine born out of the Peruvian gastronomy influenced by the major Japanese migrations the country experienced. This fusion cuisine casually mixes guacamole, tacos and teriyaki glazing; pork belly and umeshu or salmon and jalapeños nigiri.

Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022

And the icing on the cake, Vesper unveils a lovely terrace, wide and lush and sheltered on one part, the perfect place to have delicious moments this spring-summer. Comfortably seated in the Parisian sun, enjoy the inspirations of the menu and the great advice from the staff. Starting with one of the chef's signature dishes, the fabulous peking duck gyoza (€18) to dip in spicy Peruvian curry broth and Japanese virgin sauce.

Allow yourself to have a look at the menu of sushi, maki and sashimi by Japanese chef Mitsuo Miyuachi, to enjoy the salmon el fuego nigiri (€14 the pair), among the best sushi we ever had over the past years in Paris. Rice is perfectly cooked and has a very morish taste, whilst the relish and the jalapeños are perfectly spicy enough.

Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022

The next two dishes are incredible. On one hand, the barbecue-grilled squid (€32), glazed with spices and served with whole olives from Peru and strong olive sauce; and on the other hand, the wagyu beef flank steak (€42), smooth and to dip in peanut sauce, wasabi-parsley sauce and jalapeños sauce. Wonderful.

To pair these two wonderful dishes, do not miss the sides: these small dishes are very hearty. Get the baby potatoes candied with achiote and huancaïna sauce (€8), and the excellent tempura seasonal vegetables with mustard-peanut vinaigrette (€10).

Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022Vesper été 2022

To perfect this flavorful lunch packed with discoveries, let us cool of with two ice creams (€8), churned to order, with very original flavors: cider-sake and pepper. We will come back to taste test the rest of the menu taking us on a journey very far away.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 2 June 2022



    81 Avenue Bosquet
    75007 Paris 7

    Accompagnements: €7 - €14
    Desserts: €8 - €15
    Tacos: €16 - €18
    Gyoza & Empanadas: €17 - €18
    Ceviches: €18 - €21
    Tempuras: €18 - €20
    Tiradito: €21 - €22
    Plats: €25 - €42

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