American humorist Dave Chappelle to perform in January 2022, in Paris (We saw the show!)

Published by Laura B. · Published on 20 January 2022 at 15h39
One of the greatest American humorists Dave Chappelle is to perform in January 2022 in France, and especially in Paris. He performs his show until January 23, 2022, for 6 nights only at the Apollo Theatre and the Le Trianon. A genuine American-style show.

The news sounds almost surrealist, but yes, American humorist Dave Chappelle is coming to Paris this January 2022. He will first perform on January 18 and 19, 2022, at the Apollo Théâtre before taking over a bigger venue from January 21 to 23, 2022, the Le Trianon.

As most American musicians are still postponing their shows scheduled in France, Dave Chappelle takes care of his performances in Paris.

American culture and humor made in USA fans know how respected and praised Dave Chappelle is in the U.S. and even beyond!

In addition to his stand-up shows, Dave Chappelle is also a scriptwriter, actor, and producer for the television and cinema. We have seen him on the silver screen in A Star is Born and The Nutty Professor.

For the small screen, he created the Chappelle’s Show, a funny sketch show. He also hosted the Saturday Night Live on plenty of occasions.

Many French humorists said Dave Chappelle is their inspiration.

Of course, Dave Chappelle will perform in English. He also said cell phones are strictly banned from his shows, or else people will be expelled from the room. They will be placed in specific locked bags.

Our experience:

The humor world is booming in Paris. And for good reason, the city houses 6 performances by American humorist Dave Chappelle. And this week, you must be at the Apollo Théâtre (or the Le Trianon).

Americans living in Paris, Germans that made the journey, French humorists... They all made it. Attending a Dave Chappelle show is attending a genuine American style show. And it starts from the moment one arrives. Each attendee gets a mask depicting the humorist (sold for the modest sum of 48 dollars for 3!), before having their smartphones locked up in a YondR bag. Photos nor videos are allowed. 

In the room, the 360, the biggest one at the Apollo Théâtre, the music sounds great before the show. A great foretaste. The greatest fans have been there over 30 minutes before the start of the show. A rare thing at the moment in the showbiz world. They paid €166 their ticket, and made it early to get the best seats, front rows.

Like a US rap star, Dave Chappelle travels with a band, with his fellow humorists, rappers, DJs... He intends to deliver a multi-artist show. Fiftneen minutes before the curtain call, DJ Trauma walks up on stage to warm the audience up with live music. Although the American thoroughness makes the show start right on time, you will have to wait to see Dave Chappelle in the flesh. There are first parts first. Michelle Wolf with braided hair inaugurates the night with jokes. Local jokes about Paris and its romantic feature, the Palace of Versailles (visited during the day), the size of it, its lack of showers, before tackier jokes about menstrual cups and ping-pong shows. After twenty minutes with Michelle Wolf, it is still not time to see Dave Chappelle. Now, please welcome Jeff Ross starting with local jokes as well: Johnny Hallyday, Versailles, before a long sketch about Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and getting people walk up on stage.

DJ Trauma comes back to take it to the next level. A white C on a red and green backdrop appears, Dave Chappelle's logo. The one everyone was waiting for finally walks the stage after one hour of guests. Smoking, ashtray nearby, the Evin law seems to not ring a bell to the American showman. Accues of transphobia, he does not care. He even drive it home all along the show with more jokes on the matter. A running gag.

Dave Chappelle is an incredible character. He laughs at his own jokes, slamming on his leg with the mic at every punchline. A very contagious laugh. During his stand-up act, the one who speaks even faster than the previous humorists speaks about gay people, a gun he got at his birthday, his fame ("don't put your face on your dick picks"), the Palace of Versailles (he was part of the tour as well), the origins of his name, and his marriage (he met his wife when he was 14, and she was in the wings). The show is very interactiveDave Chappelle calls in the audience, calling them "fellow". There is a lot going on.

And out of the blue, Talib Kweli and Yasiin Rey from Black Star start rapping. Dave Chappelle's one-man show turns into a rap show.

Although it can be surprising in France, this is very common in the United States. And although the show lasts two hours, the headline that everyone came to see, eventually performs half of time. This is an American show.


Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 18 January 2022 to 23 January 2022



    80 bld Rochechouart
    75018 Paris 18


    Au Trianon: €111 - €138.5
    A l'Apollo théâtre: €166

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    Au Trianon à 21h.

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