Le Méchoui du Prince, the Moroccan restaurant in Paris to enchant your taste buds

Le Méchoui du Prince is a Moroccan restaurant in Paris where we feel really… like a prince. Here, you enjoy a genuine Moroccan cuisine, a flavorful and hearty cuisine that makes us feel like travelling!

Le Méchoui du Prince has everything to be a royal address. It’s in the heart of Paris Latin Quarter, a stone’s throw from the Palais du Luxembourg, that the restaurant is proudly nestled in rue monsieur le Prince and standing since 1969. A family Moroccan restaurant founded by Mohamed Amrache, that is now managed by his very son, Samir Amrache.

Le restaurant Le Méchoui du Prince s'est refait une beauté !

Behind the white ivory façade, we discover an atmosphere worthy of a warm Riad that flies Morocco’s colors. Under the beams typical of the ancient buildings of the Latin Quarter, we find dark wooden tables, a harmonious reminder, laid with a tableware representing the Moroccan handicraft. Other trays embellish the walls while palm trees put in front of the windows manage to take us out of the outside world. The muted light reflects on the mosaics adorning the bar and the welcome by the staff members is lovely, we easily make ourselves at home.

The heart set on decorating has no other equal than the heart set on cooking. To start your tasting in full glory, we strongly advise you to start with La Mosaïque de Kemia, offering you to taste three different dishes which are very popular in Morocco, the eggplant caviar also called Zaalouk, the famous cooked Moroccan salad as well as Briouates, triangle-shaped puff pastries with cheese, tuna or grounded meat. You can also warm your hearts up with a bowl of harira, the traditional soup.

Le Méchoui du Prince, le restaurant marocain qui envoûte les papilles

For main courses, you can’t say no to the Couscous du Méchoui du Prince with a semolina mixed with smen, lots of vegetables, chickpeas, raisins, as well as a roasted lamb shoulder, each side is served in separated dishes so that you can make plate it up yourself.

You can also enjoy a delicious tagine, especially the one with prunes, the Casablanca, that presents a harmonious blend of sweet and savory nuances. But, since we are at Le Méchoui du Prince, there is the major dish, that will make good meat lovers more than happy: the famous méchoui

Le Méchoui du Prince, le restaurant marocain qui envoûte les papilles

Finally, for dessert, we discover a must, the milk bastilla. It’s like a napoleon but with phyllo, almonds, cinnamon and custard flavored with orange blossom. A very light dessert you can’t easily forget.

As the major asset is that a Thursday a month, the restaurant organizes the Jeudis de l’Orient [Orient Thursdays], an even more immersive evening event with a live Moroccan band, led by the enchanting voice of Rachid Casta, a Moroccan singer, interpret and composer who performs a music blending Maghreb and Andalusian cultures.

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 15 March 2018

Practical information


35 Rue Monsieur le Prince
75006 Paris 6

Pastilla au lait: 8 €
Mosaïque d’entrées à partager: 18 €
Tajine Casablanca: 18 €
Couscous Méchoui: 24 €
Méchoui: 24 €

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