Le 39V, up-in-the-air gastronomy by Frédéric Vardon

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 4 December 2021 at 12h59 · Published on 22 November 2021 at 17h33
It is up in the air that within the Le 39V restaurant chef Frédéric Vardon unveils his vision of the French gastronomy shining a light on nature and human.

Nestled on the 6th floor of a Haussmann building in the Golden Triangle, the Le 39V restaurant reveals this Fall a new face. With a décor inspired by the sea and the air, this haven of peace has been entirely thought over and redesigned by Raphaël Navot.

Needless to say, the designer managed to shine a light on the beautiful volumes in a semi-circle which roof – mostly covered in glass – enables to enjoy the daylight and the sunbeams. The lovely terrace with a dozen seats – that seems to be hanging from the top of the inner courtyard like this centenary-old olive tree hanging in the void – is a true invitation to relaxation on the first days of spring.

Le 39VLe 39VLe 39VLe 39V

The kitchen is led by chef Frédéric Vardon who delivers nature-friendly cuisine, also complying with producers, farmers, vegetable growers and winemakers – all are named on the menu. This very private vision is available for lunch in a menu for €49.5 and also in two tasting menus in four courses (€95) and six courses (€145).

On the menu then, the most delicious dishes of the French terroir skillfully celebrated by chef Vardon and his crew, like the scallops from the Seine Bay (€37) so thinly sliced they melt in the mouth; or these jumbo shrimps from our coasts (€42) served with rémoulade; two starters that have us shook.

Le 39VLe 39VLe 39VLe 39V

Moving on, one of our favorite dishes so much we have a hard time resisting when we see it on a restaurant’s menu: veal kidney (€64) served here seared and with a side of a surprising Arcachon condiment – based on oysters, although you might have guessed it already – and polenta as creamy as comforting. And because it is the season, we also went for the duck and carrot mash, seasonable vegetables and thickened meat jus.

Le 39VLe 39VLe 39VLe 39V

Just so we can leave on a sweet note, we browsed the dessert menu, made with as little sugar as possible. Here, one can enjoy roasted pear (€24) and black rice praline, or the dessert of the day inspired by lemon served in a dessert bowl nicely vintage.

For an exotic cocktail or a glass of biodynamic wine, comfortably seated at the bar; for a party on sunny days, on the terrace with views on the Eiffel Tower, or simply to discover the vision of French gastronomy has revisited by chef Frédéric Vardon, the Le 39V is the place to go in the 8th arrondissement.

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 December 2021



    39 Avenue George V
    75008 Paris 8

    M° Georges V

    Official website


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