Healthy and cheap restaurants in Paris

Healthy eating is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle. It makes you eat a varied and balanced diet and do the right thing for your body. Only rub, it is known to be expansive. But is it really ? We listed some Parisian restaurants that found a solution to this problem, and selected 11 places that will allow you to eat healthy on a cheap budget. ! Please follow the guide.

Healthy eating on a cheap budget is not a challenge anymore if you are staying in Paris. Many restaurants, often created by allergic people, will make you rediscover what it’s like to eat healthy without emptying your wallet.

Organic or vegan cooking, and even a cooking variant that maintains the acido-basic balance of your body, these new healthy restaurants don’t lack of ideas to combine healthy nutrition and greed in the same slogan ! You will be able to eat balanced meals thanks to full-flavoured menus for less than 15 euros. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, it will be hard for you to resist.


Healthy and cheap restaurants in Paris :

Ouverture du Café Pinson, la cuisine bio santé-plaisirCafé Pinson, the organic healthy-fun cooking

A café-restaurant that combines health and delight ? Café Pinson offers a beautiful, innovative, and organic cooking that is also very good to taste. In this restaurant, you will find a French minded menu with an unexpected twist : Pears pie with licorice, Cooked and raw Parisian mushroom tart, salted madeleines, oven parsnip fries or even the lentils “petit salé” adapted with smoked tofu. So walk through the doors of this nice and cosy place and top up your energy levels.

Les restaurants où manger bon, sain et pas cher à Paris !Exki

If you have been hanging out in Paris, you must have walked into one. Exki arrived on the fast food market with the idea that fast food should not be junk food. The Exki restaurants are aimed at all the people that are tired of eating junk food during lunchtime, and want healthy meals ready to eat. In the maison Vélib x Exki (Opera neighborhood), it is also possible to pedal between the bites, just to take care of your body at the same time.

La VerrièreLa Verrière, vegetarian restaurant with a health center

La Verrière is the brand new healthy spot in the 7th district of Paris. It gathers a vegeterian restaurant, an art gallery and a health centre (ostheopathic and massage practices and Japanese sauna) all at the same place. We loved its all-you-can-eat buffet (salads, salted biscuits and raw vegetables) just for 10 euros. All that’s left to be said is Bon Appétit !

My Free KitchenMy Free Kitchen, gluten and lactose free organic restaurant

Are you looking for a certified gluten and lactose free restaurant or tea salon in Paris ? Or just a healthy spot with homemade meals ? Carole offers you a restaurant card with more than 50 basic products for which she specifically chose suppliers able to provide “without cross-contamination” certificates. 100% healthy !

Mister Garden, le salad Bar sain et bon du 8eMister Garden, vitamin salad bar

In this restaurant, you are the chef ! You make the salad yourself ! You pick a basic plate and add the many and varied ingredients you like. You can choose between meats, vegetables, cheeses, grubs etc. This place also offers a selection of homemade soups, varied fruit cocktails and healthy desserts to create depending on your desires.

PH7 EquilibrePH7 Equilibre

PH7 Equilibre is the new healthy and delicious restaurant that opened in late 2015 in the 9th district of Paris. This place not only offers you an organic and vegetarian (or even vegetalian) cooking, but also allows you to eat a meal that maintains the acido-basic balance of your body. Vegan and gluten free fresh seasonal products, you can go to there with your eyes closed.

Ouverture d'un nouveau restaurant Nous : Nous, the fast good restaurant

At Nous, you will find a veggie, gluten free version of everyday meals made with fresh products. The Best Sellers ? The chicken nourger, the veggies noulettes with Camargue rice and a seasonal salad, the roasted noulet or the nourrito… in which you’l sense a small travelling touch. Its credo ? Eat healthy, and do so without being vegan or a raw vegetable salad lover, even when you don’t have a lot of time to lunch.

Bioburger Paris 9eBio burger

You are a burger fan, but you don’t like the ones you can find at McDonald’s ? You would like to enjoy quality meals, made with fresh and good products ? Look no further ! BioBurger has been created for you. This 100% organic restaurant offers you a great choice of burgers, quiches, pastas and salads, so that you can consume products usually considered as junk food in a totally healthy and guilt free way !

Good Organic Only : nouvelle adresse bien-être et détoxGood Organic Only

Mareva Galanter and Valérie Espinasse, two famous micro-nutritionnists, recently opened the first Good Organic Only store, temple of healthy greed and well-being in the heart of the Marais neighborhood. The store mainly focuses on the fruit juices, but its restaurant offers a wide range of menu items for lunch and diner with salads, rolls, hot dishes, wraps and of course some desserts that maintain the body’s balance and the flavours. They are all 100% organic, gluten free and mainly lactose free.

Le Bichat : cuisine bio et maisonLe Bichat, homemade organic cooking

Augustin Legrand and close members of his family decided to react to the Junk Food society in which we live in, without even noticing, and opened an organic restaurant, called Le Bichat. Here, the main dish is a rice bowl, to which you can add raw or cooked vegetables, fish, meat or eggs, so that you can eat healthy without going hungry for just 8 euros.

Les restaurants où manger bon, sain et pas cher à Paris !Freegan Pony

Freegan Pony is the new wastage free spot in Paris. The Freegan associative and participative restaurant, installed at Porte de la Villette, offers you a menu made with the unsold fruits and vegetables of the Rungis Market, enhanced by great chefs.

It is almost impossible not to try healthy eating in Paris !

Elodie D.
Last updated on 4 September 2017

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