Nepita, the Hotel Florida's Mediterranean restaurant, with a menu designed by Amandine Chaignot

Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on March 18th, 2024 at 11:04 a.m.
Chef Amandine Chaignot is responsible for the Mediterranean menu at Nepita, the restaurant of the Hotel Florida.

Just opened on the bustling Boulevard Malesherbes, the 7-storeyHotel Florida welcomes travelers from all over the world to its 39 rooms and suites. And to cater for them, as well as visiting Parisians, the hotel unveils its restaurant, Nepita, whose menu is signed by chef Amandine Chaignot.

With its magnificent geometrically patterned floor and Art Deco touches scattered here and there, the restaurant charms with its welcoming yet hushed atmosphere. Open for breakfast, dinner, tea-time and cocktails, the restaurant has it all.

Nepita - Agnolotti oignon et poulpeNepita - Agnolotti oignon et poulpeNepita - Agnolotti oignon et poulpeNepita - Agnolotti oignon et poulpe

For lunch, Nepita offers several rather affordable (for the neighborhood) formulas. Count on €36 for a starter/main course or main course/dessert, €45 for a starter/main course/dessert, and even a menu for little ones at €22. But those with more time on their hands can also opt for the discovery menu (70€) available for lunch and dinner. At weekends, the restaurant doesn't fail, offering a family brunch (43€) on Sundays only, with plates to share.

But let's get back to business: lunch. For this address, which takes its name from an aromatic minty herb from the Corsican maquis, chef Amandine Chaignot unveils some of her signature dishes that have already proved their worth at her other addresses(Pouliche, Café de Luce, Rosy & Maria), as well as new creations.

Nepita - Polpette de cochonNepita - Polpette de cochonNepita - Polpette de cochonNepita - Polpette de cochon

The menu is an ode to the Mediterranean and its choice products, such as delizioso agnolotti with sweet onion and grilled octopus (13€), pig polpette with sage and sheep's tomme (13€) and the red mullet and cuttlefish dish with ink sauce and chorizo (27€), accompanied by the first zucchini of the season (at last!).

The poultry, rhubarb sauce vierge and pommes grenaille (24€) leaves us a little more dubious, as the pretty beast would, in our opinion, have benefited from a few golden colors in the pan. But the dessert of the day, a well-buttered palet breton topped with bananas and chantilly, easily made up for our general opinion.

Nepita - Palet breton et bananesNepita - Palet breton et bananesNepita - Palet breton et bananesNepita - Palet breton et bananes

While the wine list is well-stocked, with a selection of natural and biodynamic wines (but not only), it's the cocktail menu that particularly tempted us, with its original creations, such as the L'Americ' cocktail (walnut liqueur, red vermouth, Campari, grapefruit bitter, sparkling water; 15€) and the Spritz-style Dolce Dolce cocktail(Aperol, apricot, rosemary, natural sparkling wine, pink salt; 15€).

A pretty bistronomic address that already has us dreaming of vacation.

This test was conducted as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please mention it in the comments.

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75008 Paris 8

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