The Eiffel Tower: a must in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is now the most famous monument in Paris. Since 1889, the Iron Lady watches over Paris and amazes the one who came to visit her as much as the one discovering her from afar. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Paris major monument, the Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel (the mastermind behind the Statue of Liberty) and his coworkers for the World Fair 1889. A 1062-ft high tower located to the northwest of Champs-de-Mars alongside the Seine in Paris 7th arrondissement.

La Tour Eiffel : un incontournable de Paris

The project has been a true technical achievement for the era and needed over 5,300 sketches and 18,000 pieces. In the course of the World Fair 1889, it has been visited by over 2 million visitors in six months only. Now, about 7 million yearly visitors come to discover this monument which is now the symbol of the capital.

Initially said to be deconstructed at the end of the World Fair, the monument became a transmitting antenna for radio and TV programs. Today, tourists can climb up to admire the breathtaking view over Paris.

La Tour Eiffel : un incontournable de Paris

You can even have lunch or dinner since several restaurants opened: the 58 Tour Eiffel, the Jules Verne, the Buffest Gustave Eiffel and the champagne bar offers everyone something to eat and a wonderful view at the same time.

Good to know: the Eiffel Tower sparkles every first five minutes of each hour at nightfall and until 1 a.m. Now, you know when to check your watch!

Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Laurent P.
Last updated on 9 March 2018

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Tour Eiffel
75007 Paris 7

tarif réduit: 8 €
billet jeune (12-24 ans): 14,50 €
billet adulte: 17 €

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