The best restaurants in Paris Marais neighborhood

Are you looking for a lovely restaurant in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? We’ve selected you the crème de la crème of this ultra-trendy spot. From breakfast to dinner, here are the best of the Marais restaurants!

The Marais is a young and trendy Parisian neighborhood where it feels good to live in. also, it’s very easy to spend the whole day roaming around the are near Rue des Rosiers for example, admiring the Tour Saint-Jacques, walking along the Seine riverbanks, visiting hidden museums… But all this can whet the appetite, right? If you want to fill your stomach as much as your eyes during these rambles, here are the best restaurants in the Marais neighborhood.

Le Ju’
Le Ju’, a new brasserie opened in summer 2017 in the heart of Marais neighborhood offers, among others, hearty and gourmet breakfasts as well as delicious brunches on Sundays.

Le Ju' : les photos

Vins des Pyrénées
How about a super eatery to spend a delightful family or friendly time without having the kids getting impatient and ruining your meal? I’ve got your back! Quick, book Kids-Friendly Sundays at Vins des Pyrénées!

Vins des Pyrénées, dimanches Kids Friendly : les photos

Hank Burger
Hank Burger is one of these addresses you should know in Paris. Every day, it pleases vegetarians and curious eaters by treating them with very flavorful burgers.

Hank Burger, le vegan qui a du goût

Homer Lobster
Lobster rolls enthusiasts will now have their taste buds fulfilled thanks to the opening – in early February 2018 – of Homer Lobster, the new gourmet address of Moïse Sfez. An address nestled in Paris 4th arrondissement.

Homer Lobster à Paris

PH7 Equilibre
PH7 Equilibre is a new, healthy and delicious eatery in the 9th arrondissement in Paris. The restaurant serves not only vegetarian and organic cuisine (sometimes even vegan dishes) but also meals that respect an acido-basic balance. With these fresh, seasonal ingredients including vegans and gluten-free options, you can order guilt-free with your eyes closed.

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

Les Bonnes Sœurs
Les Bonnes Sœurs is a small flavorful setting located not far from the Place des Vosges in Paris 3rd arrondissement. We enjoy hearty and delicious plates likely to please meat lovers, fish enthusiasts and cooked vegetables.

Les Bonnes Soeurs

Food Market by Le BHV Marais
Le BHV Marais replaces the Cour Bleue with what they called the POD: Parisian Omnivore District. Open 24/7 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., it brings together 6 food corners that will fulfill everyone’s taste.

BHV Marais

Chez Ajia
Chez Ajia, it’s the brand-new French-Taiwanese restaurant that opened within walking distance from Saint Paul metro station. A restaurant that is authentic in its cuisine yet modern when it comes to its welcoming decoration and the beauty of the plates. How about eating Taiwanese? Here’s the address you’ve always wanted to know.

Chez Ajia, le resto taïwanais tradi-moderne

Nani Koré
Did you know that the Officine Universelle Buly nestled in full heart of the Marais hides many wonderful surprises, such as Nani Koré, an onigiri counter promising you to make you travel to Japan without moving from the French capital!

Nani Koré Paris

What if we treat ourselves with a beautiful immersion in the land of the Mayas? How about living an incredible culinary getaway in Mexico without leaving Paris? If you’re in, head to the Marais neighborhood and push the doors of Chilam Gastrobar to discover its delicious tacos, acclaimed by the well-considered connoisseurs!

Chilam : l’excellent Gastrobar mexicain de la capitale

Le Petit Commines

A warm and friendly welcome, a menu on the board, a quizz to discover the wine that will go best with your food and homemade dishes that are both creative and sophisticated! Here's what to expect when you visit Le Petit Commines, a restaurant set in Paris 3rd arrondissement.

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur Papounet

L'Eclair de Génie

Rue Pavée Eclair de Génie turns into a café. No stress, chef Christophe Adam still offers his iconic pastries. But here’s what’s new: the house now seduces us with savory creations in a place entirely rethought up! A must for those who are still hesitating between sweet and savory.

L'Eclair de Génie

Artisan de la Truffe

Here, no surprise, truffle is given pride of place! We find truffle classics by chef Arnaud Vachet such as his risotto, tagliatelle, burger, croque-monsieur and its truffle "brouillade".

Artisan de la Truffe à Beaubourg

Riz Riz

Riz Riz is the first concept of restaurant devoted to rice, to be enjoyed in all its forms! In the heart of the Marais neighborhood, in a clean setting, come and discover this food that is available in each and every world’s cuisine.

Riz Riz : nouveau restaurant dédié au riz sous toutes ses formes !


Both a bar and a restaurant, Jackpot has the particularity to offer a lunch menu in four courses including one all-you-can-eat dish! An offer that in addition to be delicious, delights all stomachs!

Le Jackpot


Chef Julien Agobert’s first restaurant, Monjul, will delight all fine gastronomies who love being surprised by what they’ve ordered. Elegance and simplicity are the watchwords of this beautiful restaurant in the Marais.


Made Mex

At Made Mex, we enjoy generous tacos and burritos. Moreover, produces are ultra-healthy: French poultry, organic beef, PDO cheese, fresh vegetables of the day… a real “Mex-healthy” [think Mexican and healthy] experience!

Made Mex

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Last updated on 1 August 2018

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