Activities in the dark in Paris

Published by Laura B. · Published on July 17, 2018 at 06:31 p.m.
In Paris, it’s possible to try several activities while being in the dark. Sensory experiences to be discovered as soon as possible.

Several activities in the dark saw the light of the day in Paris for these past few years. Several of them are organized by the company Dans le noir? of Edouard de Broglie employing many blind and partially-sighted people. Sortiraparis came up with a collection of these activities in the dark to be discovered for unique experiences but most of all experiences where all the other senses excluding sight are increased.

For 14 years now, the restaurant in the dark delights its guests. For a meal, disturbing more than one foodie, we experience the daily life of a blind person. Phones are forbidden: it forces exchanging with our table neighborhoods.

The sensory store Dans le Noir? offers for a few weeks workshops to discover perfume. These workshops have the particularity to take place in the dark. The aim? The participant should trust his nose and acquire knowledge to choose his fragrance.

Dans le Noir? Le Spa offers massages and treatments entirely in the dark. The interest? Increase the senses, the reception to the massage therapist’s touch but especially to allow the most modest of you and those who are not self-confident to go to a beauty institute without fear of what others may think.

Will you dare to try these experiences in the dark?

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