Steam Bar, the sophisticated and suprising dim sum restaurant

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 7 October 2022 at 11h00
Intimate Hong-Kong-inspired restaurant, Steam Bar stands out with steamed food and fun dim sum all sophisticated and very original by chef Chi Cheung Wong.

Arriving to the Steam Bar via the discreet and narrow rue du Sabot, safe from the constant hustle on Boulevard Saint-Germain, is a first step to the muted atmosphere of this speakeasy-like restaurant opened by sisters Marie-Lorna and Florence Vaconsin after the success of their previous restaurants, Italian restaurant Marcello and maki bar Blueberry, set a stone's throw from Steam Bar.

In an intimate décor by Gabriel Pistre - reminding us of Wong Kar Wai's elegant movies and vintage Hong-Kong featuring a few modern touches - this Hong-Kong-inspired restaurant is since 2019 one of the most exciting and surprising Asian restaurants in the city.

Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022

We have to say that here you will not find, or any, classic dumplings. Behind the stove, Hong-Kong chef Chi Cheung Wong - who worked at the Shangri-La as dimsum master - makes it a point of honor of serving sophisticated and original recipes of steamed food, dumplings, gyoza and bao.

For lunch in the week, these little wonders stuffed with endless flavors are available in the Steam Tower (€29) including an assortment of 8 dimsum, a warm izakaya, a steamed vegetable basket, a bowl of rice and hoisin sauce. A lovely way to discover most of the bar menu before completing the exploration of Hong-Kong heritage at night, by picking up among some of the propositions left.

Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022

At dinner, bold Bangkok Shot cocktail in hand (lemongrass and chili-infused rum, Umeshu, rice milk, pineapple syrup, ginger, cilantro, lime; €13) we discover the novelty menu. This new season, the Steam Bar unveils an exclusive bao (€8) with pork, fennel, rice, ginger, shallot, chives, sesame oil; as well as 4 new dimsum relying on bold flavor pairings.

The Lotus Bleu and its lovely flower shape (€11 for 3) plays its cards right, a vegetarian dumpling based on taro, potato, white onion and cabbage uplifted with a bit of rhubar. The pinkish Fan ko Royal (€14 for 3), a dumpling based on king shrimp, crayfist, carrots, chives, cilantro, red rice, is not only royal by its name: it is generously stuffed with these noble crustaceans.

Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022

Let us continue in surf with the Hakao Panda (€11 for 3), covered in deep black and consisting of king shrimps, bamboos, and jicama - a slighly sweet vegetable - before returning to turf with the Tchick-Tchick (€8 for 3), a dumpling based on pork, chicken, eryngii mushrooms, rice noodles and cilantro.

Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022Steam Bar 2022

As we love good food, we also went for Steam Bar classics like the L'Etoile Mysterieuse (€8 for 4), some mind-blowing purple hakao with eggplant, edamame, fennel, cilantro, yuzu and Thai basil pesto that will not win all votes as some were confused by the anise flavor; and the Lili Rouge (€12 for 4) namely some siu mai with cray fish, scallops, squid, carrots, celery topped with egg roes.

We finished the meal with a grand finale with two heart-stopping options. On one hand, the Hong Kong Streets siu mai (€8 for 4) stuffed with pork, chicken, smoked scarmoza, peanuts, sage and crunchy shallots on top, and the Sechuan Lovers wonton (€9 for 3) with pork and chicken, spicy but not too much, to dip in incredible Sichua pepper, vanilla and cilantro dip, a true wonder - and we weigh our words.

Ce test a été réalisé dans le cadre d’une invitation professionnelle. Si votre expérience diffère de la nôtre, merci de le signaler dans les commentaires.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 6 October 2022



    2 Rue du Sabot
    75006 Paris 6

    Bao: €8
    Nouveaux dim sum: €8 - €14
    Steam Tower: €29

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