Lotus & Cactus, vegan tapas in Bastille

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 28 March 2019 at 15h23
Lotus & Cactus is the new vegan canteen in the Bastille neighborhood! For dinner, 100% plant-based tapas parade on the tables, served with craft beers and organic wine. A healthy and delicious concept.

Sometimes, all you need is to find THE good address to change your mind. If you want to test veganism or if you already are vegan and looking for a spot in Paris where you can enjoy nice vegan dishes, head to Lotus & Cactus in Paris 11th arrondissement.

Lotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & Cactus

Opened in October 2018, Lotus & Cactus provides a plant-based, homemade and most of all delicious food with seasonal, local and organic ingredients! Canteen atmosphere at lunchtime with 2 starters and 2 main courses available on the menu and changing weekly. At nighttime, groups of friends come to share vegan tapas while sipping a Parisian craft beer or a glass of organic wine.

Rare are vegan restaurants in Paris that offer plant-based tapas for dinner. We hurried to go there and try this unique concept in Paris. And it has been a very good surprise!

Lotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & Cactus

On the slate that night, not less than 10 different tapas, 100% plant-based. Winter bruschetta (€9), roasted potatoes and spicy tomato sauce (€6.5), roasted winter vegetables (€7.5), mushroom-spinach pizza (€8) and even braised endives with pears and almonds (€9).

As for us, we tried the black bean hummus (€7) prepared with sesame cream that gives a very pleasant taste to it, the Niçoise pissaladière (€7), the fried parsnip (€7.5) to dip in homemade mayonnaise (vegan with whipped soy milk) and finally, cauliflower and raz-el-hanout spices (€7.5), super tasty and soft.

Lotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & Cactus

The big surprise of the night has been when we discovered the faux-gras (€9), understand the famous vegan foie gras based on mushroom, miso and coconut oil. We had major doubts about it, and we were wondering if the culinary illusion would work. And it does! Try it for the next Holidays, bring some faux gras on the family table without saying anything and you’ll see everyone will find it delicious!

And for dessert, we went for the lemon-poppy seed cake (€5) super soft and the apple-cinnamon crumble (€6) which was gluten-free.

Lotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & CactusLotus & Cactus

With its cute little terrace and its patio doors, Lotus & Cactus will likely become one of the most irresistible vegan spots in the French capital and especially on sunny days!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 28 March 2019 to 31 December 2019



    2 Rue des Taillandiers
    75011 Paris 11

    Desserts: €5 - €6
    Tapas: €6.5 - €9

    Official website

    More informations
    Mardi 10h - 18 h
    Mercredi au samedi 10h - 23h

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