Brasserie Urbaine, Molitor restaurant revisiting brasserie classics

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Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Updated on 3 October 2020 at 16h17 · Published on 3 October 2020 at 11h00
Paris 16th arrondissement Molitor restaurant Brasserie Urbain has reopened not long ago. The new chef, Martin Simolka, revisits great French brasserie classics with a modern twist, from croque-monsieur to deviled eggs, via tartare. It is modern, creative, delicate. We love it.

Brasserie Urbaine is hôtel Molitor restaurant. Even though the place has changed chef several times over the years, it is now Martin Simolka who works in the kitchen of Brasserie Urbaine for a few months.

Martin Simolka presents “classic brasserie dishes but modernized in taste and plating”.
Even though Brasserie Urbaine prices seem high, they are fitting the neighborhood (porte Molitor in Paris 16th arrondissement). The restaurant serves – for a similar price – dishes of a far better quality than the other brasseries around.

Brasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie Urbaine

In addition to the menu changing every two months (the new one will arrive by late October), the chef also provides you with lunch suggestions over the week, like this very tasty pâté en croute – one of Martin Simolka’s passions – with duck breast and foie gras, pistachio and black trumpet, served with pear chutney and condiment.

Furthermore, on the current menu, you can find a croque – to your liking, based on chicken or ham – with truffle, black bread (charcoal), béchamel sauce, comté cheese and served like a long finger. A dish we paired with creamy and morish mashed potatoes.
As well as the very fine and delicate vitello tonnato; the veal has cooked over low temperature and been sliced very thinly, served with tuna sauce and anchovies. To get the marble effect, the chef used vegetable charcoal.

Brasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie Urbaine

Or the beef tartare served all ready and very well-seasoned with old-fashioned mustard mayonnaise, ketchup and egg yolk. And with fleshy homemade French fries.

Martin Simolka has also revisited deviled eggs he serves with a lot of truffle (hence the €19 cost).
He also serves cod, perfectly cooked with a nice pearl-like flesh. The fish is served with crunch spelt risotto topped with grated purple cauliflower. But like in many recipes, the sauce is a game-changer. A sea-inspired sauce based on cockles to die for.

Brasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie Urbaine

Even though there is a large choice of starters and mains, do not forget to keep room for desserts, because pastry chef Benoît Gressent’s sweet treats are as delicious as chef Simolka’s mains.

As for the current desserts served at Brasserie Urbaine, rum and coffee baba, original mix between baba and tiramisu. As well as a fig tart with nice and cooked fruits served with timur pepper cream.
Or the exquisite 70% chocolate cake (not too bitter), with a delicious chocolate/sesame heart topped with caramelized and nougatine sesame with a bit of salt. We could definitely wake up in the night to eat some.

Brasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie Urbaine

Molitor restaurant also enjoys a terrace (when the sun is out) with views on the iconic swimming pool and swimmers. Inside, the décor is clean, the white high ceiling is bathed in red light. You can also watch the pool through the patio doors.

Chef Martin Simolka introduces himself to all his patrons and goes back and forth between the kitchen and the room to present the dishes he has created. Like the chef, the entire Brasserie Urbaine staff is very thoughtful.

Brasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie UrbaineBrasserie Urbaine

As for drinks, bartender chef Florian Daumas is at the helm. He has created 8 signature cocktails with labels reminding of the swimming pool and Roland Garros a stone’s throw from the restaurant. Therefore, the elegant “pool, art & life” is based on mezcal, gin liqueur, raspberries, lemon juice, brown sugar and egg white.

And how about treating to a nice meal at Brasserie Urbaine in this early and rainy Fall?

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 3 October 2020



    13 Rue Nungesser et Coli
    75116 Paris 16

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