Officina Bellucci, Ivan Schenatti’s Caffè Bellucci’s discreet restaurant

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 25 January 2022 at 12h24
It is in the basement of his Caffè Bellucci that chef Ivan Schenatti opened the Officina Belluci, a discreet Italian restaurant serving fresh pastas, but not only.

Walk down the stairs of the Caffè Belluci, et rue de la Boétie, and discover the Officina Bellucci aka chef Ivan Schenatti’s Italian restaurant. After spending ten years behind the stoves of the Armani Caffè, since the opening of a first restaurant in the 5th arrondissement, the Officina Schenatti, the Lombardian chef – also member of the Culinary College of France – chose to switch riverbanks and opened in late 2019 two restaurants at the same location: the Caffè Bellucci and its traditional Italian cuisine, and the Officina Bellucci, its smarter twin.

Do not be impressed by the rather cold vibe of the place, the chef and his staff are very friendly and always willing to help you out. The restaurant serves menus in 4 courses (€50) and 5 courses (€65), but you can choose off the menu as well. Allow about €20 for antipasti, €28 for a dish of past, €32 for a secondi piatti, and €13 for dessert. We agree, these prices are not very affordable, but they fit the neighborhood’s price range.

Officina BellucciOfficina BellucciOfficina BellucciOfficina Bellucci

On the plate, the chef makes it a point of honor of using quality and seasonal produces, coming straight from Italy, or depending on his daily walks to the Parisian markets to come up with dishes, as well as fresh pastas and focaccia. The wine list also features Italian bottles found here and there in 14 regions of the country.

 Officina BellucciOfficina BellucciOfficina BellucciOfficina Bellucci

Among the beautiful discoveries on the menu, pumpkin-stuffed ravioli (€28), Mantouane apple mustard, Amaretti, 24-month-old parmesan, duck foie gras and balsamic; tellini ai militi (€29) small Kamut pasta fried with seafood, whelks, squids, king shrimps and mussels; or spelt spaghetti (€26) with 30 egg yolks, fried with cured pork cheek, “alla carbonara”. You get it, we wanted fresh pastas that day!

Also available, lemongrass squid (€32), seared on the griddle and served with dried tomato tapenade, capers and anchovies, or the small suckling pig (€36) smoked with cocoa, kirsch sauce, and eggplant stuffed with mushrooms, Romanesco cabbage cream; and a fish or meat, both very well-prepared.

Officina BellucciOfficina BellucciOfficina BellucciOfficina Bellucci

How about getting Italian food, today?

This test has been carried out as part of a business invitation. If your experience is different from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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Starts 24 January 2022



    45 Rue la Boétie
    75008 Paris 8

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