BlueDreamLab opens its CBD (legal cannabis) coffee shop

BlueDreamLab goes from virtual to real by opening its CBD coffee shop in Paris 2nd arrondissement. A minimalist store where you can find CBD cannabis heads, or some products based on CBD cannabis.

It’s in Paris rue d’Aboukir that a very peculiar herbalist’s store has opened: BlueDreamLab. This store is subtle because of its minimalist décor. Calming green walls and a counter with a clean design set the tone: this CBD coffee shop breaks the rule and the idea we can have of these addresses of a new kind.

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

You have to know that BlueDreamLab is a story that goes back a long way. For a year now, they’ve specialized in selling CBD cannabis online. This legal variety includes a THC (the psychotropic held in cannabis you can find on the black market) rate lower than 0.2%, the legally authorized limit. This legal cannabis ropes in another molecule, cannabidiol, also known as CBD. The latter is said to allow the user to feel cannabis beneficial effects (relaxation, painkiller, sleeping aid…) without suffering the adverse effects (slowed reaction time, fatigue, demotivation…).

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

In their physical address, under the glass bells, we discover two varieties of cannabis flowers soberly put on the counter. The Blue Dream including 11% of CBD costs €12.50 per gram. The Charlotte Web, €13.50 the gram, includes 14% of CBD. Very rigorous about the products they sell, they carry out their own tests so that they’re sure the cannabis they sell respects the applicable standards.

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

By the way, here, it’s out of question to push the user to smoke cannabis. At BlueDreamLab, they rather promote other ways of using this legal weed. So, when you buy heads, a little booklet is supplied so that you can discover how to make an herbal tea based on these flowers. Furthermore, for each item bought, you leave with a short instruction book to understand how to use it or apply it.

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

This is how, in addition to cannabis flowers, we discover CBD balms which composition is 100% natural. Two scents are available: Calendula Lavender or Arnica Cayenne Peppermint. Devoted to a local application, according to users, they allow to ease some pains such as backaches, or pains related to scars. Food oils are also available with a CBD rate going from 2% to 25% according to bottles.

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

This subtle way to approach cannabis consumption seems to bear fruit. In the store, clients follow one another and don’t look like each other. From the 50-year-old connoisseur to the intrigued 30-year-old woman, like the team’s idea, the clientele breaks the clichés related to cannabis. Patiently, BlueDreamLab staff takes the time to answer all the questions from curious people without pushing them to buy. Actually, they are transmitting a passion with the will not to influence the visitor: the decision to buy or not products based on CBD cannabis is up to him and him only.

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

Speaking of buyers, they will get aware that BlueDreamLab benevolence follows them even after they’ve left the CBD sales counter. A small instruction book is put in their purchases, warning minors, pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as drivers. A responsible gesture!

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 27 June 2018

Practical information


77 Rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris 2

Métro Sentier (ligne 3)

Blue Dream (le gramme): 12,50 €
Charlotte Web (le gramme): 13,50 €
Huile 15ml (à partir de): 29,90 €
Baume 30 ml: 35,90 €

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