New Year’s Eve 2019 at Enghien-les-Bains Fouquet’s

Published by Laura B. · Published on 29 October 2018 at 16h03 · Updated on 29 October 2018 at 16h53
Set by the Enghien-les-Bains lake, Fouquet’s gourmet restaurant offers a special menu for New Year’s Eve. Why not spending your New Year’s Eve 2019 there?

One week after its Christmas Eve Dinner 2018, Enghien-les-Bains Fouquet’s offers for New Year’s Eve a completely different menu but that will give pride of place too to local French produces combined to ingredients coming from elsewhere…

New Year’s Eve Menu 2019 costs €196 per person, excluding drinks and including:

  • Amuse-bouches: emmental cheese gougère, white truffle arancini, gin tonic jelly, Colonnata bacon shortbread
  • Smoked salmon rillettes, organic salmon eggs, truffled butter, toasted brioche
  • Duck foie gras terrine, red cabbage and blackcurrant marmalade, red beetroot syrup
  • Nantes scallops, sauerkraut with bacon from Bigorre, celeriac
  • ½ lobster and free range poultry supreme, sunchoke purée with mascarpone, macaronis, thigh fat, bisque
  • Endive ice cream, mustard, sake, endive salad with walnut, grated blue cheese
  • Pavlova
  • Manjari Parfait, cocoa water, moka, kalhùa, Baileys

Dinner will be served along with music. To keep things interesting, for an additional €20, a rate including a glass of champagne, you can take part to the DJ party at L’Escadrille.
Or, you can go to the casino and enjoy the celebrations.

Practical information

Opening Time
On 31 December 2018



    85 Rue du Général de Gaulle
    95880 Enghien les Bains

    196 €

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