Bars and restaurants not to reopen before Easter

Published by Cécile D., Manon C. · Published on 20 January 2021 at 15h35
Jean Castex intended to be optimistic, betting on reopening bars and restaurants past mid-February. But according to Le Point, they will more likely open from Easter, naming around April 6, 2021.

Bad news keep on breaking out in the gastronomy world. Back to earlier this January, during his press brief, Jean Castex did not plan to reopen bars and restaurants before mid-February.

As a matter of fact, as restaurant and bar owners hoped to reopen on January 20, as promised by Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minster announced that given the current health situation and the increase in Covid-19 infections in France, bars and restaurants were not to reopen at least before mid-February.

"We will address the situation with restaurateurs, bar owners, and gym owners for who - unfortunately - the prospect of reopening in January is not possible and will be then already postponed at least until mid-February" Castex added.

A new theoretical reopening date that will have to be postponed: as a matter of fact, according to Le Point, restaurants may have to remain shut until April 6, 2021. The magazine speaks about "several sources close to the file and in direct contact with the Elysée, Matignon and Bercy" that are preparing a reopening scheme from Easter - in the best-case scenario. Le Point says they are sure of their news, even though Matignon denied it.

Still according to the magazine, bars and cafés may have to wait even longer: a postponed reopening is said to be planned for early June 2021 for them. These decisions are said to have been made because of the threat of the English variant spreading very quickly in the country.

If the government is trying to hide the news, according to Le Point, it is to avoid a wave of fear and distress it could cause in the restaurant industry. Yet, one also fears the huge wave of bankruptcies that will break out if companies cannot reopen for several more months.

The PM always intends to be reassuring with restaurant and bar owners. He said: "During this period of closure and limited work, the government will keep on financially support all sectors and players directly affected by our measures. Whether they use partial work-time, State loan or renovated solidarity fundssectorial helps, all our helps are kept in the same conditions and competent ministers are entrusted with meeting the impacted sectors to assess likely needs of extra help, especially for sectors that have to close for a very long time".

Professionals of this sector will then have to be a lot more patient.

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