La Bibimerie, the restaurant for revisited bibimbaps

La Bibimerie, here’s the name of the new restaurant that shakes up your taste buds in Paris 10th arrondissement. A restaurant giving pride of place the famous Korean dish: the bibimbap. La Bibimerie revisits it its own way and present its Bibim with original cookings.

La Bibimerie, here’s the name of the new bibimbap restaurant which was born last October in Paris 10th arrondissement, rue Sampaix. Open by Olivier Guez, this restaurant shows his love for Asian food and more particularly for Korean food.

Speaking of decoration, we are in a simple and modern canteen with wooden tables and white chairs. Travel pictures created the décor and a large counter awaits you for your order.

La Bibimerie, resto coréen revisité

La Bibimerie, resto coréen revisité

You haven’t heard of bibimbap, this typically Korean dish as good as beautiful? Well, it’s a bowl of rice featuring a range of colorful veggies, condiments and other meats. In short, a very complete dish perfectly seasoned.

At La Bibimerie, Olivier, after travelling a lot and trained on the spot, decided to revisit this traditional dish. Here, it’s called Bibim and is available like a beef stew, stewed chicken, salmon tartare, with a rolled omelet for vegetarians and even fried miso tofu for vegans. Flavors and tastes are the same (maybe less spicy) but the cooking and the textures are worked out with French techniques.

Each ingredient is cooked separately with its own seasoning so that the flavors pop out once the dish is mixed, as is the custom. By the way, the raw egg yolk and the chili are replaced by dressings with Korean flavors to keep the bound.

As for us, we went for the DADAK based on veggies, rice, spring onion, gomashio, stewed chicken, peanuts and a sweet-savory dressing with sweet pepper. Perfectly seasoned.

La Bibimerie, resto coréen revisité

And we have also got the YEYE combining salmon tartare, silky tofu sauce, white miso and za’ater. A very sweet meal, but you should make sure you mix everything well to have all the flavors.

La Bibimerie, resto coréen revisité

To top your bowl, you can have Banchans, hors-d’oeuvres you can share if you want to. Serve the whole thing with a lovely green tea with grilled rice or soju, the famous hibiscus juice.

La Bibimerie, resto coréen revisité

To end on a sweet note, we treat ourselves to mochis, these delicacies based on sticky rice and filled with varied flavors.

La Bibimerie, resto coréen revisité

C’mon, let’s go have some bowl!

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Last updated on 3 April 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 3 April 2018 to 29 December 2018



    1 Rue Lucien Sampaix
    75010 Paris 10

    Bibim: 12,50 €
    Bibim+banchan+boisson: 14,90 €
    panier soir: 17-25 €

    Recommended age
    For all

    Official website

    More information
    Du mardi au vendredi de 12h à 15h et de 19h à 22h et le samedi de 12h30 à 15h30 et de 19h30 à 22h30

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